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Welcome to my Lawn Chair Catechism page! Here you’ll find my weekly updates to the Summer reading program of 2013. Here’s a bit of a description of Lawn Chair Catechism, courtesy of

We’ll be using Forming Intentional Disciples: The Path to Knowing and Following Jesus by Sherry Weddell as our basis for this discussion.

Every Wednesday morning this summer, from May 29 to August 28, we’ll post a series of  discussion questions from our team here at We’ll also have a link-sharing at the end, so others can participate.

You’ll be able to participate whether or not you have read or are reading the book. Here’s the complete discussion guide and questions (13 pages). If you just want the discussion questions, here they are (2 pages).


From May 8 through June 6, Our Sunday Visitor will be offering the book for$10 with free shipping. From June 7 on, you can order it with free shipping from Our Sunday Visitor. Simply click here to purchase the book from them or pick it up at your nearest Catholic bookstore.

You don’t need to own the book to join in, though. Just use the discussion guide and questions if you’d like to join in via your own blog or just through the com-boxes here and at And please, don’t think this is just for women! has entire sections on their site for fathers, too, and there are men who are joining in the discussion on Forming Intentional Disciples this Summer.

I’ll add links to the list below each Wednesday as we move through the book this Summer.

2 thoughts on “Lawn Chair Catechism

  1. Calling this ‘the school of Mary’ is very precious. One lawn chair catachist to another. Bless you and thank you for your lovely site. It’s quite touching.


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