About Me

I’m a happily married mother of two.  Been with my husband for more than half of my life now, and it keeps getting better every year.  Our daughters were born in 1998 and 2001.

I’m a cradle Catholic who was a pretty crummy Catholic for quite some time, but I’ve been in conversion for years and do my very best to assent to Holy Mother Church.  My wonderful and amazing husband converted in 2006, the year our older daughter made her First Holy Communion.

I majored in Deaf Education and Elementary Education at Flagler College in St. Augustine, Florida, and we lived in Central Florida until 2004, when my husband’s job transferred our family to Virginia.  I’ve been homeschooling our children from the beginning, and I think I do an okay job in spite of my education degree.

Aside from God, the Church, and my family, I love reading, traveling (with my family!), and being as Hobbity as I can manage.  Oh, I love cooking, too.  (Hate the cleanup, though.)  I’m working on being a better photographer; I’ve been taking my girls’ portraits for a couple of years now because I decided I could do a better job than the “pros” at the local department store’s photography studio.

I’m studying to become a Lay Dominican in hopes that such action will help me grow in holiness. There’s more on why I decided to do that here.

I’ve started doing a monthly column at CatholicMom.com in the Tech Talk series; my posts are published the first Tuesday of each month.

I tend to tweet too much, but take occasional breaks to keep myself from being too addicted to it.

I’m working on writing a book, because I’ve discovered that I’m sort of a writer. How ’bout that?

8 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Enjoy your blog! I have a home schooled 12-year-old very into photography. Check out the photos he took for my blog “Celebrating Summer with Scones,” here: http://finerfields.blogspot.com. I’m happy for your daughter! I love my Mac and often hike into town with it on my back to have an hour or so of writing at a coffee shop! 🙂


  2. My BW (of 57 years) and I try to pray five decades of the Rosary each evening – we’ll add a decade of the Divine Mercy Chaplet following. Thank you for the suggestion.


  3. This is my first time reading your blog. I just read your post on forgiving yourself for past sins and think you did an excellent job at inviting women into deeper freedom from guilt and shame. I am a Flagler alum too! (2002) majored in philosophy and religion. Thanks for your writing and I’ll keep reading!


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