I just looked at my posts page on my site here and realized I haven’t written (or even linked to my CatholicMom.com articles) since May! Six months. Yikes.

It’s been a very weird year, has it not? I doubt anyone outside of infectious disease professionals and researches could have predicted a worldwide pandemic. And while so many people’s lives changed with all the things happening at home – work, school, online happy hours and parties – my own life has been weirdly similar to before COVID became a regular part of our vernacular.

I’m still working at the bank (one year last month! WHEE), and I really like it. I’ve enjoyed it enough that I applied for a full-time position as a floating teller and got the job! I never would have thought that I’d enjoy floating, but I was suddenly transferred to a new branch in June, and the transition was so much easier than I thought it would be. It gave me confidence, and I told my manager it was tempting to apply for the position I saw open. He immediately said, “You should do it! Apply! You’d be great!” When it was time for my interview, he was there, as well, and told the manager of the branch where I’ll be based that he’d be excited if I got hired and covered at my current branch. “Eight hours of Christine will be better than four hours!”

I was still wondering how to balance my initial statement of “I usually don’t like change” with my enthusiasm for this job. First, I quoted Pam Beasley. “I’ve really worked on that, and now I’m 42% more spontaneous than I used to be.” Then I remembered that once upon a time, I was a freelance interpreter for the Deaf, and I would go all over town to all kinds of circumstances and interpret for people I didn’t really know. One day might have been a doctor’s appointment. Another day I might get a last-minute call for a food stamps meeting. I realized that I had already had a job where I was floating! (Thanks, Guardian Angel!)

The next day, I got a call at work from our company’s recruiter. He asked how my interview went, and I said I felt like it went well. “Well, we finished interviewing the other candidates and…” I got it! “I guess the interview went even better than I thought!” I gushed.

So in about two weeks, I’ll be officially full-time. The extra money will be nice, for sure, but I am also excited to be starting a new chapter in my new career. I also know that I’m going to have to tighten up my routines and go back to regular menu planning with shopping done via pick-up on a regular basis.

So that’s my good news for the week. I’m hoping that I’ll be in a groove and start to write again because I frankly miss it sometimes. (More on why I’ve been so silent on that another day. Today is a day for good news.)

Featured image and text ©2020, Christine Johnson

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