Writing Elsewhere: There Are No Greeting Cards for Us

family w gradMy older daughter graduated from high school over Memorial Day weekend. We traveled to Front Royal, Virginia, to participate in the Seton Home Study School graduation ceremony and were blessed to have her grandparents there to celebrate with us, as well.

When I was searching for a graduation card for my daughter, though, I realized there simply wasn’t a card that expressed what it meant to me to see her graduate from high school. I decided to write her a letter so I could express everything I felt about this momentous occasion. With her permission, I’m publishing it here.

Grad w MomDear Kaitlyn,

Today is your Big Day. Today is the day when your name is called, and you walk across that stage to take your high school diploma in hand. I wanted to get you a card for today. I wanted to find the exact things written down that I wanted to tell you on your high school graduation day. But there are no cards for us. …

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