My Daily Prayer for Priests

As a Lay Dominican, I should be praying a daily Rosary, Morning and Evening Prayer, and attending daily Mass as much as my schedule allows. I struggle often with fulfilling all of these requirements (and daily Mass is really difficult as a homeschooler with high schoolers!), but I felt called to add another devotion to my daily prayers: the Angelus.

My story about how I started to pray the Angelus was recently featured On Jared Dees’ site, The Angelus Prayer. He’s recently written a book on the the history of the Angelus and why different people have prayed it. Check out Praying the Angelus.

I had sporadically prayed the Angelus for years, and even had an alarm set on my phone to remind me. However, I was never quite consistent or good at it. I had been thinking about praying it for priests and seminarians at noon, which would give me a mid-day prayer to add to Lauds and Vespers each day. (I’m required to pray Morning and Evening Prayer as a Lay Dominican.)

I was overthinking, as usual, and trying to figure out if I ought to do this or not. …

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