Keeping Advent: December 20

Key of David

Key of David

Theme: Jesus is the Key of David

I will place on his shoulder the key of the house of David; he shall open, and no one shall shut; he shall shut, and no one shall open.

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The Key of David symbolized the power of the king. In this part of Isaiah, it is specific to the prime minister of the kingdom and talks about this prime minister having the ability to speak and act on behalf of the king. (As a side note, this ties in directly with Jesus’ words to Saint Peter in the New Testament.) But Jesus is more than the prime minister who holds the keys to the kingdom. Jesus is the Key.

Jesus is the Key to the Kingdom of God, opening the gates of Heaven for us through His sacrificial death. Jesus is the Key to living a life of joy and peace, even in the midst of the sadness and pain of this life. Jesus is the Key to learning to love, for He is Love Itself and gives us a perfect example of what it means to love others with a true, self-giving love.

And what Jesus opens, no one shall close. Christ has opened Heaven for us, and He shows us the way to get there. He leads us like little lambs, guiding us through the dangers of this life so that we can be happy with Him in the next life. He is the Key to the gates when we arrive at the Heavenly Kingdom, and He comes to you freely.

O Key of David,
opening the gates of God’s eternal Kingdom:
come and free the prisoners of darkness!

Meditation text and images © Christine Johnson

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