#SmallSuccess Thursday: Little Things Mean a Lot

IMG_0615Welcome to Small Success Thursday, hosted by CatholicMom.com! This is our chance to look at the things going right in life, even if they’re little things. Be sure to stop by and see the other posts, and leave your own link to your small successes. (Or tell me about them in the comments!)

This has been a week of small successes. I have the absolute worse vacation hangover Ive ever had, and it took me nearly two weeks to get back into any kind of groove. My husband is traveling again, so I’m having to learn how to go to sleep (at a reasonable hour) without his company. Schedules are heating up again and everyone is studying something.

Can I talk about running again? I talk about running a lot, and there’s a good reason for that. (I promise I will get a post up about what I learned from that summer run streak!) I’ve been doing the 5K to 10K program, and I’m just into week 5, which is a recovery week. That’s nice, since my last long run (which falls on day 3 each week) was a 45 minute steady run! Last week, I ran average pace of 10:30 for 45 minutes. Now, I’ll grant you that I did that on the treadmill. With the weather staying hot and my ragweed allergy ramping up, I thought I’d do it that way. I’ll be running outdoors more often now that the temperatures are cooling off. But back to that run! I managed to get in almost 5 miles within the workout itself! If you had told me two years ago that I would do that, even on the treadmill, I would have a laughed in your face. Week 6 will be harder again, and the day 3 run will be 50 minutes of running. I can definitely see me hitting the 6.2 mile mark soon.

My younger daughter went to homecoming with a nice young man from our parish. She looked radiant, he was adorable in his jacket and tie, and they had a nice time. His mom was hilarious (“I’m ex-Army, so I’m the scary parent”), and when we caught up at the parish picnic the next day, she was glad to hear that her snow as a total gentleman all night. The hardest part was staying up to wait for her to get back home. What happened to the girl who would go to 10:00 movies and then finish the night at Pleasure Island, drinking and dancing? Oh, yeah. She’s 46 now and sits at home watching Person of Interest and tries to keep her eyes open until 12:30. I can’t decide if my success here is not freaking out about my baby going on a date or simply staying awake until they got home again.

I had two things that weren’t working in the last month: my iMac and my Food Saver. I couldn’t afford to replace either, and so I was hoping I could get them fixed. The iMac apparently needed to be unplugged for a while to reset its internal power regulator. (When the power flickered, it apparently messed that up. The computer wouldn’t turn on, so I left it unplugged for nearly a month. The repair guy plugged it in and it booted up just like WALL-E.) My Food Saver had gotten off-kilter; the bar that helps seal the bag was crooked from the last time I opened and cleaned it. I had tried and tried to pus one side down to match the other, when I suddenly decided that maybe the side that was up was in the correct position! That turned out to be the case, and I am happily freezing extra meat from Sam’s Club and leftover casseroles. (Hey, I make two sometimes to be able to freeze one.) Huzzah for not spending money to fix stuff!

Finally, I listed a couple of furniture items on Craig’s List, and the first item sold. I’m hoping that the other stuff sells, too, because it will go towards paying for the gift that I already bought for our older daughter’s ahem 18th birthday!

In a preview of next week’s Small Success, I think I’ll survive having my older daughter become an adult. I’m going to cry a lot, though. Good thing we’re stocked up on tissues for allergy season.

How about you? What are your Small (or big!) Successes this week? Share at CatholicMom.com or in the comments below!

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