#SmallSuccess Thursday: Time Flies When You Keep Busy

IMG_0615Welcome to Small Success Thursday, hosted each week at CatholicMom.com. This is our chance to look at what’s going right in our lives, even if those things going right are of the small variety. Check out the other Small Success posts at the link up.

This is not the picture she took, but it is a picture of her with my dad at the beach from earlier in the week.

This week has flown by for me. I didn’t expect it to, but I’ve survived without being too horribly lonely and missing my 14 year-old too much. So that’s my first success: I haven’t been completely miserable without her. And she’s having a very good time with her grandparents and younger cousins. She posted a picture on Instagram yesterday that was really pretty, and she said, “The children’s museum was sticky and loud, but at least I got this picture.” I had to laugh out loud!

I also managed to compile a list of transfer credits for my older daughter. We’re using Seton Home Study for high school, but I didn’t register her for 11th grade at all, instead using some of Seton’s books and working through them with her. In addition to that, she worked on a couple of her 12th grade courses at our co-op and compiled some electives. I was super-nervous sending the list to them (and, to be honest, we are wrapping up some of the English and American Lit this summer), but I got an email back saying that the credits were fine and the plan I had for her senior year (!!) were also good. I plan on calling later today and registering both girls for the fall. Then I’ll take a look at what we have left to finish up and get cracking on some plans to wrap up the loose ends. (Oh, and it looks like my older daughter will graduate with 33 credits, 23.5 of them academic. I don’t think that’s too bad.)


Suddenly, I’m not so worried about having my body in my post-run selfies! Yay, me!

Finally, I’m keeping my run streak alive! I’m not doing my run until tonight (hello, pub run and a free beer!), but today will be Day 16 of my run streak! I’ve started doing shorter runs more often on my non-Couch to 5K (C25K) training days, which is helping me feel more rested. Yesterday was not a day like that, since I decided to play Zombies, RUN! again. But I did it on the treadmill, which is a much easier way to run, and I had a good time. Saturday will be a challenge: I have a Dominican meeting in the morning, so it’ll be HOT when I get out and have a chance to run. But I’m sure I’ll make it. I just want to go out now. And when I feel tired at the end of the day, I already know I’m running the next day, so I’ve also been avoiding making excuses about it. Plus, I even look forward to it now!

How about you? What are your successes this week? Comment below or share in your own blog post at the link-up over on CatholicMom.com.


3 thoughts on “#SmallSuccess Thursday: Time Flies When You Keep Busy

  1. Good for you! I am so impressed with your commitment to running. And congrats on untangling all that homeschool registration/acceptance stuff.


  2. Commitment to getting healthy and running is ADMIRABLE!!! #jealous Enjoy your registered school free year lol… we homeschooled for 9 years, and my kids never took to the Seton or Kolbe programs though I REALLY really wanted them too lol. In the end, we found some really interesting ways to learn that fit their personality better – guess that’s the whole joy of homeschooling!!

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