My New Diet Tool


After I had my children, my metabolism changed dramatically. Growing up, I could never gain weight, and I could eat anything, anywhere, any time without putting on pounds. I didn’t like exercise, and didn’t see much point in doing it often because…well, I was already skinny. This wasn’t a healthy way to live, though, and my poor eating habits (like having a full order of potato skins with extra bacon at 2 in the morning) and lack of exercise caught up with me when I was in my 30s. Suddenly, I had to pay attention to what I ate. I needed to do something to shed the 60 pounds I’d gained by the time I had my younger daughter.

I joined Weight Watchers and learned how to eat well and still be satisfied. But I did it all online, never attending a single meeting, and there’s no lifetime membership for that, even if they feature you in an online success story. (Yup, that happened. My husband still has the printout of the article, which is no longer available.) I quit the membership, but have re-upped a couple of times when stopped eating healthily and gained weight back.

About a year ago, I thought I might try MyFitnessPal, a free website and app that helps you track your nutrition and exercise. I plugged in my weight, but decided it was too much of a pain. I gave up after a few days and left it alone. That is, I left it alone until mid-March when my weight went back up to 169 again.

Read the rest at’s Tech Talk.

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