Summer Survival: Road Trips!


When I was a little girl, my family made sure we took at least one vacation each year. We didn’t have a lot of money, so our trips were by car to campgrounds. It was a terrific experience, and it made for some wonderful family bonding and memories. I still love thinking about sitting around a campfire in the evenings, going to historic sites (oh, all the forts we visited!), and (once we got a pop-up camper), playing board games before bed.

My own family is lucky enough to have a timeshare that allows us to use points to stay all over the country. We’ve stayed all over the eastern seaboard, and we’ll even be going to Arizona for a long-overdue trip to see the Grand Canyon. But most of our vacations are, to this day, driving ones. Even our trip to the Badlands of South Dakota two years ago was a driving one. Our children have been road warriors since they were infants, and we’ve learned a few things about traveling on the road as a family over the last 17 years. …


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