#SmallSuccess Thursday: Mother-in-Law Edition

IMG_0615Welcome to CatholicMom.com’s Small Success Thursday, where we take a look at our lives and see what’s going right (no matter how small that might be). Be sure to head over to that link so you can read other Small Success stories. We all should be encouraging each other!

I’ve been off my blog pretty much since Easter. I was doing my best to relax and enjoy the Octave, and then I got busy with some family things.

The biggest family thing, of course, has been that my mother-in-law moved in with us while she was awaiting the delivery of her furniture. She moved from her home in South Dakota, where she had lived for the last 14 years, to a retirement community that’s literally down the street from us. She has a little one-bedroom apartment, and she loves it. But her furniture was loaded in South Dakota on March 28, and she had a contracted delivery window of April 1-11. (“Who’s delivering your furniture, Mom?” I quipped. “The moving company or the cable company?”) Well, due to every snafu under the sun, the moving company delivered her furniture on the morning of April 11. We had spent the previous 10 days being told it was being picked up, then it wasn’t. Then the next driver was getting it tomorrow, then he didn’t. No one called poor Mom about anything, and she had to keep calling to get information on where her things were. (For the record, her father and husband were both moving truckers, so if they merely had said, “Gosh, Mrs. Johnson. We’re not going to get there until Monday,” she would have been fine. As it was, the “it’s coming – it’s not coming” messages were frustrating and kept us from being able to make many plans while she was living with us. Also: STRESS!)

But her furniture arrived on Monday, and despite having been shipped freight in the end, it seems to all be intact, as well. Mom’s been getting her things unpacked, and I’ve been making trips over to the apartment to help her with odds and ends when she needs me. And she’s much more relaxed now that she’s getting settled, too. I told her she reminded me of Maureen O’Hara in The Quiet Man.


I think we managed to get through those 11 days without making each other completely crazy. I really had to work to be less uptight and more flexible (though my mother-in-law loves to plan things out as much as I do!), especially when I’m with our non-Catholic family members. I don’t hide my faith, but I do try to be sure that I don’t get strident about things and act with charity. (I remember ages ago when Katie Holmes married Tom Cruise, someone in my family asked, “Did you hear about Katie Holmes’ wedding?” and I blurted, “Oh, gosh, yes. It’s awful that she married into that horrible cult!” before I realized that she wanted to talk about how pretty her dress was and stuff. Awkward! That’s the kind of thing I try to avoid when I open my mouth.)

And I got to spend a lot of quality time with Mom this week.  We went antiquing, we watched some neat movies as a family (regardless of how much homeschool had gotten done that day), and generally hung out together. It was really nice, and I’m glad we had that week-and-a-half together, despite it throwing off my schedule so much. I really love my mother-in-law, and I’m glad she’ll be living close by.

How about you? What are your successes this week? Blog about it and share the link at CatholicMom.com or tell me here in the comments!





5 thoughts on “#SmallSuccess Thursday: Mother-in-Law Edition

  1. Do you know how blessed you are to (1) have family so close by and (2) get long with your MIL? I’m happy that it all worked out. Love the Maureen O’Hara quote 🙂


    • Yes, I sure do know. I love my in-laws, and my parents love Nathan (and he loves them back). We are SO blessed to have good relationships with them.

      And I’m THRILLED for the girls, especially, to have Mom so close to us. Nathan’s cousin’s kids were sad to lose Auntie Gretchen, but my 14yo said, “You had her for my whole life. It’s our turn now.” LOL!!!


  2. I love that your MIL is moving close to you. Good for you for learning to be charitable. It’s not an easy thing when you have family of varying religions. Glad she is settled and loving it.


  3. I liked having my MIL close. While she did not babysit often, she was there when we needed her. Now we are a little further away and I ahve to make an effort to include her or make sure Hubby has called her recenlty especially now that my parents have moved back to town.

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