Seven Quick Takes of Pretty Snow Pictures

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I’ve been busy with a project, and I’ve neglected my blogging a bit. However, in the last month we’ve had two snow storms each dump roughly a foot of snow on us. The second one was supposed to be 3-5″, and it was followed up by a night of freezing rain and ice. Here are seven pictures of the snow that are pretty.


The ice made the willow trees bend over in an arch.


The ice was sliding off the rain gutters, and the icicles looked like fringes on a tablecloth.


The sun shining through the ice made the trees sparkle!


Crepe Myrtles encased in ice


“You have filled me for the last time!”


I loved how the ice lined the power lines!


The willow trees sparkle like jewels in the sunshine! (And the sun melted all the ice within 30 minutes, too.)

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