#SmallSuccess Thursday: New Drivers and Less Stress

IMG_0615Welcome to Small Success Thursday, hosted by CatholicMom.com. This is our chance to see how our little successes add up every week. Be sure to link up or share your own small successes here in the comboxes.

This Sunday will be the Third Sunday of Advent! Can you believe that? I remember when I was a girl, the year seemed to last forever. Advent was interminably long. That fourth candle would NEVER GET LIT! Now? Now I wonder how it’s already nearly 2016. Why my babies…

…are young ladies now!

I swear, time is speeding up.

Last Friday was do or die. My older daughter, who’s now 17, had taken her learner’s permit test twice and narrowly failed twice. If she did not pass her third test, she would have to take a class, and I threatened that she would be paying for said class herself. When the DMVToGo was going to be at our local library, I told her that she needed to study. I assigned 15 minutes of reading the manual every day, and if she finished the manual to start over. Past that, she did all the work. She didn’t even need me to help her review, and she passed her test! This success really isn’t mine, but it was such a huge deal that I can’t help but celebrate! (I felt terrible about how long it was taking because last summer, I suddenly realized that my 15 year old was almost 16 and she hadn’t even gotten started on driver’s ed! I forgot to get the manual or get her started, and so now she’ll be nearly 18 when she gets her licence.)

By the way, any congratulatory messages left here for her will get passed on. Feel free to tell her how awesome she is.

Then pray for me, because I’m going to apply to homeschool behind the wheel, and I’ve never taught anyone to drive before.


My Advent has been going really well. I’ve been saying a daily Rosary, though it’s not perfect, I’ve been very good about Morning and Evening Prayers, and aside from some slight stress about homeschool, I’ve actually been pretty stress-free so far. I even have what I think will be our final draft of the Christmas letter; all I have left to do is add photographs and print them out.

Of course, saying this out loud (so to speak) probably means I’m doomed to mail those Christmas cards and letters out on December 26 now.

I decided to lay off one of my older daughter’s courses that she was taking in advance of her senior year. She doesn’t need to take it until next year, and it was just too much to add that to her junior year schedule. The moment I made the decision (which I did while tossing and turning in bed while I tried to avoid a panic attack about school), I felt better and went right to sleep. (See how that qualifier was important in that last sentence? Haha!) We still have plenty to do, including signing her up for the SAT in the spring (ack!), and she’s already worked on almost half of her government course ahead of time. Thank God for one less stress element!

How about you? What do your successes look like this week?

2 thoughts on “#SmallSuccess Thursday: New Drivers and Less Stress

  1. WTG on that driving-permit test!
    My older son got started on drivers’ ed late (HIS fault) but I think it worked out for the best. He’s an excellent driver. He started when he was ready.

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  2. I could never teach anyone how to drive. I think I may have to find a Novena for you. lol
    Great job on her Driving Permit. Sure the success is yours too (that’s my story and I’m sticking to it).



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