Turning a Blind Eye to Evil in the Name of Good

Suppose our government was funding an organization that taught at-risk children to read and tutored inner city kids, but also employed people who were systematically abusing the children in their care. The organization covered it up well, though, and no one was particularly interested in looking into allegations from former employees of this educational group because it sounded crazy. Who would think that a group whose mission statement includes goals of increasing literacy rates and graduation rates could possibly be abusing the very childen they’re helping? 

Imagine if someone took matters into their own hands and, after long planning and with the help of several whistleblowers, made a series of undercover videos that showed clearly that the tutors and mentors were abusing the kids: mentally, physically, and sexually. In some videos, tutors are clearly seen striking students who answer incorrectly. In others, young girls are seen having their tutors hitting on them and making sexual comments toward them. Another video shows a mentor berating a young man for failing to attend all of his classes at his high school that week. When the student starts to cry and explain that his mother was sick, the mentor calls him names and tells him he’s worthless. Then, in the break room, there were clips of these people laughing about the whole thing. “You should’ve seen the look on his face! All I did was pick up my hand and he flinched! Hilarious!” After acquiring hours of videos like this in several different tutoring centers across the country, they released the videos. Pared down to be viewed in the space of 15 minutes, the videos were released one at a time, about two each week. In addition, links to the full videos, often 2-3 hours long apiece, were also released.

Would we allow the government to continue funding the educational part of the organization’s mission and turn a blind eye to the abuse? Would we talk about how the $500 million dollars each year was something that couldn’t be reallocated to other organizations because “Who will reach out to inner city kids if they don’t?” Would we defend this organization because it had an altruistic-sounding mission statement? Would we call people “anti-education” and racist for demanding that our tax dollars be removed from the pockets of an organization so evil, or would we try to justify that as an “investment” in education, and talk about disceptive editing and racketeering?
Would you be willing to justify half a billion dollars a year going to this group, if they at least promised that it wasn’t gong towards those tutors, who were mainly volunteers, but towards buying materials and promoting their organization?


If not, then you must also agree with me that we cannot allow Planned Parenthood to continue to put their bloody hands into our pockets and reap the benefits of tax dollar funding to the tune of half a billion a year. Let’s encourage our government leaders to defund Planned Parenthood and put that money to better use with organizations that reach out to the poor without the bloody business of selling the organs harvested from unborn babies who’ve been aborted. Use the money to set up new clinics in places where they’re needed. Stop the war on Catholic Sisters who care for the poor and provide them with medical care, and truly embrace life and care for others.

What do you have to say?

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