Worth Revisiting: Humility Before God


Welcome to Worth Revisiting Wednesday, hosted at Reconciled to You and Theology is a Verb. This is our chance to find old posts of ours that we really like and share them again.

A friend of mine is writing about the resurgence of the mantilla with younger Catholic women, and she asked for my reasons for doing so. I thought I’d revisit the post, as well, written in June 2009! It’s hard to believe it’s been so long since I started wearing one, especially when I think about how long I prayed about whether or not to do it at all.

We are not God, we are not even like gods (though I might say that in some ways, we are because God has dominion over all things in Heaven and on earth – He demonstrated this to the Egyptians when He conquered, one by one, their various gods).

We are called to be humble before the Lord.  Banish pride from your heart!  Walk with faith and humility!  Come before Him with joy, but with an understanding that He is God and we are not.
How do we make ourselves humble before God?  Interiorly, we can do so, but sometimes we need more than the interior humility.  Sometimes, because we are creatures who are both flesh and spirit, we need a physical sign of our humility.  The sign is not for others, not to trumpet our strive to be humble.  The sign is for ourselves.
The first sign I undertook was the Scapular.  Invisible to everyone, the little woolen cloth sits against my skin.  In the summer, it’s hot and scratchy at times.  But it’s there, reminding me always: Remember Whose you are!  Each day, I kiss my Scapular, not out of superstition, but to remind myself again that I belong to the Lord.  I ask His Blessed Mother to pray for me when I put it on.  It’s a perpetual prayer of sorts.  Unless it slips one way or the other, or sticks up like a tag, most people never know it’s there.  But I know, and sometimes I reach up and gently touch the spot below my neck where it sits, reminding myself again Whose I am and how I am supposed to act.
For two years, I have toyed with a certain idea: wearing a mantilla to Mass (linked article is not the best explanation, BTW).  I started reading about it from bloggers who did not see it as a badge of honor, a way to SHOW THE WORLD you are Traditional and Orthodox.  (I have to admit that prior to this time, I had seen plenty of those kinds of musings.  I was not attracted to the idea, and, frankly, was a bit offended.  Take note, Traddies.)  I began to see occasional posts about wearing a mantilla, not to show others how Traditional they were, but to give themselves a way to physically remind themselves to be humble before God.
I read what I could from these bloggers, and not the former.  I did so for about a year. …
Read the rest here.

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