Small Success Thursday: Busy Summer Edition


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It’s been a while since I’ve participated, but I’ve had lots of little successes lately. A few highlights: I’ve been running again, and while I can’t seem to get myself back to run-it-all 5K shape, my times are dropping little by little. I also managed to run up this hill on one trail that’s really tough on me — twice this week! It’s been a super hot summer, though, and I feel like, maybe, if I keep going and running consistently, my times will plummet when the weather cools off this fall. I have managed to get my 5K time back under 40:00, even with walking intervals. And tonight is a pub run, which we’ll do with our kids. We start at a local brewery, run this 1.5 mile trail and back, then get a card stamped for the run. Three stamps gets you a penny pint of beer! That’s my kind of motivation!

I registered my younger daughter, who just turned 14, for high school. It’s official — I have two high school daughters. I have her registered for six courses, though one of them is super-easy, plus she’ll be taking a photography class at our co-op this year. She’s nervous, I’m nervous … I’m hoping we all survive the next two years while her sister finishes high school. With God’s grace, we can do it!

Finally (and I’m banking on good news this afternoon for this one), my older daughter will take her learner’s permit test today after I pick her up from VBS. The Virginia DMV site is VERY confusing about how you go about getting the learner’s permit — it makes it sound like you have to pass two tests, including the regular driver’s written test — and between that and my failure to sign her up for the online classroom course, she is now a year behind everyone else in getting her permit. *sigh* She’s been a good sport about it, telling me it’s no big deal to her. I’m glad she’s so sweet about it, because I get so mad at myself whenever I think about it. But at this rate, she’ll be 17 before she’s allowed to take her driver’s test, and we’ll need to fill out paperwork to do the behind-the-wheel as homeschoolers (rather than paying for an instructor). I’ve heard that since they moved all the driver’s ed out of the schools, the waiting list for behind-the-wheel is nearly a year long!

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6 thoughts on “Small Success Thursday: Busy Summer Edition

  1. My oldest son waited a year before getting his learner’s and got his license last year after he turned 17. I think he’s a better driver because of it, frankly. He had an extra year to mature a little bit. They say the longer you wait to get your license, the better/safer driver you are! 🙂

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  2. My oldest didn’t bother getting his permit on time. He could have had his license on his 17th birthday (how NJ rolls, as you know) which was in January, but he wound up getting it on the first day of school that September! That delay was ALL HIM. I’m glad she’s OK with waiting and hope VA doesn’t make you wait too long!


    • She didn’t pass her test, and has to wait two more weeks to retake it. When she does get her permit, she has to have it for 9 months before she’s allowed to get her license. In that time, she needs at least 45 hours behind the wheel, 15 of which needs to be at night.

      I suppose it’s time to develop that curriculum for that and get the state’s permission to do it as homeschoolers, huh? #procrastinatorsupreme


      • Wow. I thought NJ was tough. But she will be a better driver for all that preparation! Are you considering schooling both of them on the curriculum so that Daughter 2 has a head start? Or should I bite my tongue on that?


      • Well, the classroom thing was an online course I paid for (with a co-op discount!), so I’ll do that again for the younger one. The behind the wheel stuff, I figure I’ll write something out as a general guideline and use it again in a couple years.

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