Small Success Thursday: Running (the Good Kind), Gardening, and Dominicans

IMG_0615Welcome to Small Success Thursday, hosted by! Here’s your chance to look back over the last week and see what’s gone right, then share your happiness with others! 

It’s been so busy for our family — dance recitals, soccer playoffs, homeschool potlucks, family visiting…I felt like I was going to go a little crazy by the end of it all. (Note to self: Stop thinking of the dates of the dance recital and soccer championship game as the end of the busy season. It’s not. We always have at least another week of insanity after that!)

But life is exceedingly good. Our older daughter’s team won the state championship, a first for the 15 year-old girls’ varsity soccer team. Our younger daughter not only danced beautifully at recital, but she also was brave enough to dance for our end-of-year co-op celebration, when the kids bring the things they’ve worked on all year to show off. She was very nervous about dancing in front of people she knew, but she did it and impressed everyone with her abilities. (I’ve been asking for years that she dance at this annual event, and she’s never consented. This year I simply informed her that she would be dancing her solo at the end of the year, and that gave her 9 months to work up the courage for it.)

But those are the kids’ success stories. I’ve got my own!

imageI’ve been more consistant about running again. I tried to do the Walk with Mary in May, in which I’d walk or run 80 miles, signifying the 80 miles the Blessed Virgin traveled to see her cousin. I should know better than to think I have time to walk or run daily in May. But since June started up, I’ve done much better. In all of May, I walked or ran 19.9 miles, but in June, I’ve already walked or run 13.9. And I’ll be running with Nathan tonight, too! I’m getting back to 5K shape again, and trying to walk on non-running days. That hasn’t been as consistant as I’d like, but I’m sure it’ll improve.

Related to running: I went on a pub run on Tuesday evening. Nathan’s been doing these for a couple of years, on and off, and we decided that we ought to go while the girls are on vacation with my parents this week. The local Fleet Feet organizes it, and they set up turnaround points for a 3-mile run and a 5-mile run. (Guess which we did?) This week, Asic was there as a sponsor, and if you test ran their shoes (meaning they give you a fresh pair to try out and run in), you could win a prize. I tried a pair out, which I completely forgot to note the name of, and they felt nice. (I’ll need a new pair of running shoes before the end of the year.) At the end of the run, I won a T-shirt!

imageBut the best thing was the run itself. I still had walking intervals (because, let’s face it, it’s hard to run when it’s 85º and you’ve been lazy all winter), but I still managed to run 3.14 miles in 41:18. And something happened to me. As I neared the end of the run (which was not a race), there were lots of people milling around. At the other pub run we do (which we’ll do tonight), at the end of the run, people go up the small hill to the brewery and get a drink or food from the food truck, so when you finish, there’s no one there. This time, as I got to the end, determined to be running when I got there, I saw about a hundred people standing around, and I thought, “Oh, my gosh! Is this what it’s like to finish a race?” And I nearly cried.

Yup. I’m gonna be a mess when I run my first real 5K this fall.

imageI have not killed our garden. In fact, the zucchini plants are ENORMOUS, the tomato plants are starting to produce (though the tomatoes are all still tiny and green), and I’ve already used 2 peppers from the garden this week for fajitas. (Those are the featured image on the home page.) My pea plants (a first for us) are still growing, the green bean plants are getting bigger, and I even found THREE “volunteer” tomato plants that I believe will produce copious amounts of grape tomatoes. (Volunteer plants are ones that just come up. One of these came up last spring and probably produced about ten pounds of grape tomatoes. We simply turned over about three or four tomatoes into the soil at the end of the season and waited.) Our carrots (another first for us) even look good so far.

imageMy final Small Success is related to the Lay Dominicans. No one from our chapter’s council could make it to the regional meeting last weekend, and I was asked to go and take notes to report back on the goings-on. It was my first time going to a regional meeting, and I was a little nervous. Thankfully, Nathan and I went together; we drove up from Florida, where we’d gone to see our god-daugher graduate, and arrived in Charlottesville, Virginia, after 10 PM. As tiring as that was, it felt nice to be able to get up and relax a little in the morning rather than face another long drive first thing. I got through the meeting, I took notes, and I got to take a tour of the priory, too! (I’ll have to share some of that if I manage a Quick Takes post tomorrow!) The two of us hit Trader Joe’s, and then we headed home to relax. Originally, we were going to go out to eat, but we settled for getting pizza and having some TJ’s beer instead. Frankly, after being out so much, it was nice to get into PJs and do nothing.

So how has your week been? Tell me about your successes in the comboxes, or blog and link up with And be sure to check out the other Small Success posts at the link-up!

One thought on “Small Success Thursday: Running (the Good Kind), Gardening, and Dominicans

  1. I hear you on the regional meeting thing. It was intimidating for me at first. Not so bad anymore but I’m 14 years in.
    WTG on that garden! It looks great! And on your running too.


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