Seven Quick Takes: Week of Insanity Edition

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This is the beginning of our Annual Week of Insanity, so I thought I’d share seven things that are happening in the next week, beginning with


After leaving our girls with their friends on Friday night, we will be getting up and out of the house before 6 AM to drive to Northern Virginia for our god-daughter’s First Holy Communion. One daughter will be at the regional finals for soccer (where good play will ensure that she plays next Saturday in the State Finals), the other will be at a mandatory dance rehearsal (for next Saturday’s recital). We will also drive back the same day, getting home within 12 hours of leaving.


My husband is going to be trained to be an Extraordinary Minister of Holy Communion (EMHC) before Sunday Mass. It’s Mother’s Day, but since we’re travelling all day Saturday, I have a feeling I will be sneaking in some work to get ready for the rest of the week.


We’ll start our day with co-op, where we are supposed to be performing the Play within the Play from A Midsummer Night’s Dream at the end of the day for everyone. Afer co-op, we’ll head home so I can get ready to bring both girls to activities, which are happening simultaneously and in different parts of town. Dinner will be late.


Somehow I need to get the house clean for company while doing schoolwork and trying to finish things up. There’s soccer again in the afternoon (possibly a play-in game for the state tournament). Tuesday and Wednesday seem to be two easiest days of the week, unless you count the housework.


More homeschool. More housework. An hour of Adoration for me so I don’t LOSE MY MIND. Comany arrives tomorrow!


Final last-minute cleaning, which will also include making sure my 16 year-old can vacate her room and we can get the trundle bed out. Washing sheets and remaking beds all around so we can be sure everyone is sleeping on fresh sheets. There’s a stage rehearsal that will keep my 13 year-old busy from 4:15 through somewhere around 8:00, soccer practice, and all the family arrives.


Company will be here, so no school. We’ll relax, I’ll prep dinner early, and we’ll drive somewhere (I kid you not when I say I have no idea where) for the first round of the state soccer finals. We’ll be sure costumes are all in order for the recital, and finalize whatever plans we need to make to get our older daughter dropped off for carpooling to the final games tomorrow. Unfortunately, we won’t be able to see her play, since on…


Our younger daughter has her dance recital, where she will perform her solo, as well as all her group routines. We’re planning a cook-out at home afterwards, when I plan on having several beers to celebrate having survived the Annual Week of Insanity!

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