Summer Reading for 80s Grads

I can’t remember when exactly I picked up my Kindle copy of Don’t You Forget About Me by Erin McCole Cupp, but I do remember seeing my online friends rave about it first. And every time I saw the title, I felt silly because I’d get this in my head:

I read the description, and took the plunge:

Mary Catherine Whelihan made it out of Walkerville alive once before. Can she pull it off this time?

Bullies, sexual harassment, finding a corpse in the local creek…. Cate’s childhood in 1980s Walkerville was murder! So what could possibly tempt her to return? A cryptic email from Eugene Marcasian, MD, her grade school crush, might do the trick. Can Cate and Gene find the cause of the mysterious illness afflicting nearly all of the girls in their graduating class, including Cate herself? Or will corporate bullies continue to take down anyone who gets in their way? More importantly, can Cate stay alive long enough to get one more slice of tomato pie?

Once I started reading it, it didn’t take long before I realized it was set in a place not all that far from where I grew up on the Jersey Shore, peopled with characters who could have been a part of my graduating class. So I got a copy on Kindle and settled in to read it during Waiting Room Time. Pretty soon, I wasn’t just reading in as I waited for my daughter to finish dance or for my other daughter to get out of theater camp. It became a book to read at breakfast and lunch, before I went to sleep, and whenever else I could snatch a little time to dive back in.

I loved the story, and I loved the fact that every chapter put a new earworm in my head because every chapter was named for another 80s hit. Pretty soon, I was humming old songs while I read, looking for connections and seeing just how much foreshadowing Erin could work into a single song title.

And lucky you, because this week Don’t You Forget About Me is on sale for only 99¢! (Cue Macklemore!) Be sure to pick up your copy this week — and remember that every chapter comes with a free sing-a-long!

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