Small Success Thursday: A Pretty Big Step


 Welcome to Small Success Thursday, hosted by! Please be sure you go over to see the other posts and link up (if you’re the blogging sort). This is our chance to take a look at the good things that are going on in life — because sometimes they’re small and we need to look a bit more for them. But successes are successes, and not everything can be large-scale!

This week, we made a huge decision about homeschooling that has been a long time coming. It was really difficult, but we figured something out. I’ll be posting on it in detail next week, but I think it’s going to save my sanity and reduce the stress level around here in a big way.

My younger daughter made a big decision regarding dance: she doesn’t want to take pointe class any more. It’s difficult and she hasn’t had fun in the class since the very beginning. She never feels like she can be up to the standard and says she spends all of class worrying about whether or not she’s doing things right. She never relaxes in class. Plus, she was called out in a parent meeting (when the girls do their dances in front of parents as a preview, and we get all the bad news about costume bills)  — the owner of the studio said, “You used to be such a good ballet dancer. I don’t know what happened.” She’s not the kind of kid who gets motivated by that kind of thing, so it’s only further discouraged her. She’s asked for voice lessons in place of pointe class, and we’ve consented. All that’s left is to tell the studio when it’s time to register for classes in the fall. (That ought to be fun.)

I got back out running again! On Tuesday, I had an extra long time to run while my younger daugter was at tap class, so I set my Nike+ for a 50:00 run and left. I encountered lots of debris and water on the greenway (we had storms over the weekend), so there was walking due to trying to get around it, as well as walking due to me being more out of shape than I thought. (There were actually places where the path was completely blocked, and I had to walk off the path to get through!) However, I was happy to make 5K in under 40:00, even with the walking and debris! I felt like a boss! And at one point, I was running through water and mud on the path and I thought, “I’m a real runner! I’m running through WATER!” (I felt like a total dork, even just thinking that, but when I ran back through it on the way back, I thought the same thing. I guess I’m destined to be a dork.) I’m looking forward to running this year!

My final small success is realted to running, too. Ever since we had to replace the Alero only six months after buying it, we haven’t paid for any races. Nathan doesn’t want to do this until we pay off his car. But I figured out a way around that: give races as presents! We’ve decided to run a 5K together this fall and give that to each other as our anniversary present. (Isn’t the official present for 22 years a 5K? And 26 is a 10K?) Nathan promised not to go for a personal record in my first race. I’m not ready for it yet, but by fall it won’t be a problem. I’m already getting excited!

Now it’s your turn! Leave a link to your blog on your own Small Successes, or leave your list in my com boxes below! 

3 thoughts on “Small Success Thursday: A Pretty Big Step

  1. You know, it sounds like Younger Daughter has her head on straight regarding her dance class. She worked hard to try that type of dance. She tried hard all year. She found it’s not for her. Maybe her strengths lie elsewhere. FORTUNATELY her confidence is not totally destroyed and she is interested in exploring other talents she may have. GOOD FOR HER!


    • Yup. She’s done pointe for 1 1/2 years now, with another 1 1/2 years doing all the exercises in order to get on pointe. I’m a little saddened (pointe is SO beautiful), but it’s her decision in the end. She’ll finish the year, and we’ll break the news to the studio later.


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