Small Success Thursday: Home Away from Home

It’s Thursday, so that means it’s time for’s Small Success Thursday! It’s time to take a look at our week and see what’s going right instead of focusing on the things that seem to be wrong and that stress us out.


We’ve been in Florida all week, visiting my parents and my sister and her family while Nathan is at a business conference. We brought our homeschool work with us, in hopes that we would actually do some work. It’s a tough thing to be away from home — especially when we’re away and visiting family we don’t get to see often — and still get necessary work done. I’ve been pleased with the amount of work we’ve been able to get finished this week. So far, we’ve done most subjects I had planned on doing while we were here. I even managed to get through the end of Schindler’s List with my 16 year-old as a follow-up on her chapter on World War II.

I’ve also managed to be more flexible about visits and fun things. I’m still in need of a lot of improvement in this area, and I still hem and haw when asked about doing something I hadn’t planned, but I’m better than I used to be. (I hope I really have let them have fun and haven’t squashed it all.) The girls have spent the night at my sister’s house, gone to dinner and a movie with their cousin, and gone shopping at the mall on another night. They’ve gone on walks with their grandmother, too. I’m hoping all four of us can go to the science center on Friday to cap off a week that, while it contained schoolwork, has been more relaxing than usual.

I went running three times in the last week! Ever since the time change, it’s been hard for me to carve out time to go running, and I’ve fallen off the wagon a bit. When I went running earlier in the month, I was upset that I no longer could run a 5K with the same ease as I had attained late last year. I’ve been trying to get out more often, but I took full advantage of the warm weather this week here in Florida to go out for a few runs. Yesterday, I ran 3.6 miles, with only about .5 miles or so of walking. (I always start with .3 mile warm-up walk.) I managed to run from .3 miles all the way through the end of the 5K! That’s something I hadn’t been able to do for about a month. Working off all the Christmas cookies looks possible now!

How about you? Share your successes here in my comments, or blog about it and share a link at’s Small Success post this week.

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