Tempus Fugit: 12 in 2014

At House Unseen, Dwija has a link-up of posts that all sum up the year in 12 photos. This is so up my alley! I already summed up my year in GIFs in a Seven Quick Takes, but this is a chance to really savor the wonderful year our family has had.

IMG_0076In January, I made Temporary Promises as a Lay Dominican, and my parents came to witness it. This was pretty heroic on their part, since they live in Florida and drove to Charlottesville, VA, in January for the event. Oh, and it snowed while they were here, too.


February came. We got almost 2 feet of snow in the biggest storm this area had seen in about 25 years. Sadly, we also had to say goodbye to Nathan’s grandfather, who had taken ill in January. He had 95 years and six months of life, and 95 years and 4 months of good health. He was one of the most Christian men I knew, and most of the town showed up for his funeral. I’m blessed to have known him at all.


In March, our family travelled to California together, which was a first for 3/4 of the family. We saw the sights in San Francisco (including a lot of churches!) and travelled to see a lot of the northern Missions. I dipped my toes in the Pacific Ocean (BRRRR!) and saw real redwood trees.


April kind of zipped by in a blur, but in there was my birthday! I turned 44, and tell people exactly how old I am because I’m not ashamed. I also got a really cool book for my birthday, since it was released ON my birthday. (Thanks, Jen!)


May nearly killed me again, but didn’t. I know I’ll miss the craziness some day, but between my husband’s car dying (and being sold and replaced), soccer and dance and my older daughter’s Confirmation that happened during soccer playoffs and the week of the Big Spring Recital, I wasn’t sure I would make it. But I did. Obviously.


June came, and it turns out that Summer is no less crazy than the rest of the year. There was theater camp for both kids, Summer dance for one, vacation with my parents for the girls, and I even started running. Oh, and something changed dramatically in how I see myself when I look in the mirror. That was probably the biggest change in me all year.


My blog started to look like a running blog in July, causing my six readers to wonder what happened to all the Catholic stuff. I discovered that not only am I not allergic to running, but I also like it. (And not just the part where I stop and have a delicious smoothie, either.) I ran for five days straight the week of VBS! We also started life with two teenagers: our younger daughter turned 13 and got her ears pierced for the occasion. Then she got braces, too!


In August, our family travelled to the Black Hills of South Dakota, and I climbed Harney Peak (woo hoo!) with Nathan. It was basically the equivalent of two 5K’s, and I complained nearly the entire time. Poor Nathan! But the views were gorgeous, and I was glad we went. (Also, very glad I’d been running. No way I could have made the 7-mile round trip if I hadn’t taken it up!)

Bunny Ear Photobomb! Sarah's kids are awesome!

Bunny Ear Photobomb! Sarah’s kids are awesome!

September started with the end of our South Dakota adventure. I finally got to meet Sarah and her kids. September also meant I went back to homeschooling on a more consistent basis. (Whatever that means.) We started back with a co-op that we’ve been involved with on-and-off for the last 9 years. I discovered that I’m now one of the experienced moms (*shudder*), and that there are sometimes ways to get a great education without DOING ALL THE THINGS that will make it easier for everyone, especially when both of your children are taking advanced coursework.


October is a month of birthdays for us, and we celebrated both my older daughter’s Sweet Sixteen and my grandmother’s 95th birthdays. The Lovely Nana continues to decline rapidly, and much of our family travelled to see her on what might be her last birthday. We also came back to face The Great Lice Battle of 2014, which I would really like to forget ever happened.


November brought about rehearsals for an Advent play our 16 year old was involved in. Our 13 year old took her savings and purchased private lessons for a tap solo, and her lessons started this month, too. Plus, we let our 16 year old have her friends over to repaint her room one day. (And we survived!) I officially became a published author (albeit one who was a small part of a terrific project). I also got shingles and the pharmacist gave me funny looks when I picked my prescription up. Oh, and we finished the DREADED RESEARCH PAPER!


With December came all the activities, and all the potlucks that go along with it. I can’t imagine how much busier we would be if I didn’t homeschool and my kids were socialized and stuff. (/sarc) Dance performances and the play all happened simultaneously in different places, there was Christmas caroling with our Youth Group, extra choir practices, and more. I made approximately 10 pounds worth of my potluck stand-by: Sweet and Sour Meatballs. I baked cookies. I wrapped presents. And we relaxed and did nearly nothing on Christmas Day.

Happy New Year, everyone! God bless you and yours in the new year with His abundant graces!

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