Seven Quick Takes: My Year in GIFs

New 7QT

Welcome to Seven Quick Takes Friday, hosted by Kelly at This Ain’t the Lyceum! Since this is probably the last Quick Takes I’ll do in 2014, I thought I’d sum up my year in my newly-found love of GIFs.


I finally got to go to the West Coast this year!


We flew over the Rockies, which made me cry during Lauds, and I dipped my toes into the Pacific Ocean for the first time.



My older daughter was Confirmed!

No…it didn’t look like that. Here:



I started running!

How I Think I Look

How I Actually Look


I went to the Black Hills and saw the sights!

Is that Justin Bieber?


I climbed Harney Peak with Nathan while we were there!

We did not encounter any Balrogs (or wizards).



My Nana turned 95, and we had a party for her.


And now it’s time to relax for a week before we start over again next year with the busy-ness!

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