Small Success Thursday: Almost Christmas Edition

Small-Success-Thursday-700x420Welcome to Small Success Thursday, hosted by! Grab a cup of coffee, settle in, and let’s celebrate the good things that are happening in everyone’s lives this week!

You don’t have to high-five yourself! Let’s high five each other!

There’s only a week until Christmas! I’ve been busy trying to get some schoolwork finished around here, plus get those last few stocking stuffers, and write Christmas cards, and stuff them with letters, and also bake cookies. Because I always send cookies with Nathan for his office, as well as give them to the dance teachers at my younger daughter’s dance studio. Plus, Santa needs cookies, if you know what I mean (and I think you do).

I promise I’ll share with him!

 So the big success is that I’m nearly done with Christmas preparations! I usually don’t wrap until after the parties for dance and other activities are over, so next week, this’ll be me:

Assembly line wrapping! (Okay, not really that neat, though.)

I did decorate the house this weekend, though. My 16 year-old’s boyfriend (who lives in Washington State) is in town visiting his mother, and he came over to help decorate on Sunday. They did the tree and most of the inside, and I put up some decorations outside.

Not sure if this was how they did it, though.

I only moved a couple of ornaments, too. And that was only because there was literally more than one ornament on each of the branches. Otherwise, I’ve left it alone. (And that, alone, is another big success for control-freak me!)


I’m excited because Nathan has taken vacation from Christmas Eve until the Monday after New Year’s. (I still think he’ll have work to do, but at least he can do it from home and I get to see him, right?) But right now, I keep thinking this is how we’ll spend the week:

We’ll see.

My final success is really that it looks like I can get my Christmas cards out by tomorrow. I’ve got them addressed, and all I need to do is buy stamps, since I seem to be a little bit short this year. I’ve needed to do it alone this year, which hasn’t happened in a long time. (We usually have an assembly line of folding and sealing and stamping, but everyone has been slammed this month.)

So I guess that’s it for me! Be sure to go to and check out all the other Small Success posts this week!

Give everyone a big high five!

One thought on “Small Success Thursday: Almost Christmas Edition

  1. I am having friends over Saturday to help me wrap, but thanks to Amazon I have been done with buying since before Thanksgiving! Have a Merry Christmas, snow angels and snuggling and all! (I LOVE Elf!)

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