Seven Quick Takes: I’ve Done Lost My Mind Edition

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I survived the weekend, as I mentioned in my Small Success post yesterday. And as if I hadn’t had enough, my younger daughter is going to audition for a part as a dancer in The Song of Mark. That audition is Monday, and the play is going to run for a weekend in March as a Lenten offering. As long as rehearsals don’t interfere with her dance lessons (priority number one!), it looks good for her to be in it.


That doesn’t sound that bad until you add in her sister’s soccer schedule, which begins January 2. Four practices per week, games beginning in March. Plus dance. And now this.

Me neither, Jen. Me neither.


I almost forgot that Sunday school happens this weekend and next weekend before we are off for Christmas. (We’re always off the first weekend of the month, and we were off for Thanksgiving weekend.) I panicked a little, then remembered that since there are four teachers in the class, I don’t have to teach until January.


MY PRINTER CAME! When I saw the FedEx truck pull up, I started yelling, “IT’S THE WELLS FARGO WAGON! IT’S THE WELLS FARGO WAGON!”

My kids love that.

And the printer is IMMENSE! I mentioned on Twitter that it was so huge Jennifer Fulwiler might want to drive it. I thought my last all-in-one printer was big until this baby came. Take a look at this:


When I took another look at the box, I realized that it’s a professional series printer. And I love it already! I’m currently figuring out exactly who cares enough about us to warrant a Christmas letter and who only really wants a card from us. Once I figure that out, I can print letters and labels and mail the Christmas cards out! WOOT!


People have laughed at how excited the printer makes me. None of them are homeschoolers. Homeschoolers ALL understand.

Not that all homeschoolers rock the Mom Jeans, but still…


It’s time to watch Christmas movies again, and I started with my favorite movie of all time: It’s a Wonderful Life. I wrote about it on my old blog years ago, but I’m still learning new things every time I watch it. I think it was one of the first old, black-and-white movies I’ve ever watched and enjoyed. So many older movies had this weird acting in it, as if everyone was trying much too hard. But Capra’s classic movie was perfectly done, with maybe one line that felt like the old-style overacting (“It’s poison, I tell ya’! It’s poison!”). But that one line was in the middle of one of the most heart-wrenching scenes in the movie, and the rest was so well done that I still cry every time I watch it.


Video time! How about a quick refresher on It’s a Wonderful Life, but with bunnies?

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