Small Success Thursday: Thanksgiving Survival Edition

It’s Thursday, and that means it’s time to link-up with the other bloggers at to share our Small Successes for the last week! As we move towards Christmas and things start getting crazy, we should take a step back every once in a while and see what’s been going right.


Advent has not always been a Season I loved, but this year I was excited to see it begin! And our Advent is starting out busy, too.

With one small exception, I managed to be ready for cooking on Thanksgiving morning! I was up early and had our turkey in the oven before we needed to leave for 10:00 Mass, and everything went smoothly for the rest of the day. Dinner was delicious, and I’ve found creative ways to use the leftovers (and the carcass!) so that we’re not merely eating turkey sandwiches for a week.


Over Thanksgiving weekend, we finished painting our older daughter’s room by painting her ceiling and trim (with lots of help from her), then got her curtains back up over the windows. We found a light that looks beautiful in there, and she is really pleased with the outcome. There are a few small details we can work on, but the big stuff is finally finished!

I’ve been more consistent this week with Lauds and Vespers. We’ve also done the Jesse Tree this week, despite the crazy schedule of dance and play rehearsals that have been going on. We’ve figured out when we can do them the rest of the week as that continues and we get to performances over the coming weekend, too.

How has your week been? Talk about your successes here in the comments or blog about it and head over to and link up!

7 thoughts on “Small Success Thursday: Thanksgiving Survival Edition

  1. Thank you for the blog. Our family is also doing the Jesse Tree this Advent. We are using a DVD from Holy Heroes that is perfect for young children.


  2. Sounds like an exiting week! We stepped out of tradition this year and went with a rib roast for Thanksgiving dinner. However, being the traditionalists we are, we had our turkey on Saturday. We love our turkey cranberry stuffing paninis! 🙂


  3. Beautiful (and yummy!) picture of your family. What plays and dance productions are you taxi-ing kids to and from? We are knee deep in the Nutcracker. So fun, so worth it, but exhausting. 🙂


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