Sunday Funnies: Advent Play Edition

My older daughter is going to be performing in a stage production of “Like Winter Waiting,” a play about the Advent season, and why it’s important to take time for it instead of rushing to Christmas. In the play, she has the part of one of two shepherds. She came home from rehearsal last week with a couple of good stories for us.

First, the boy who was playing the other shepherd was supposed to pull an apple out of a haversack and take a bite of it. They’d finally located a haversack for him, but there was no apple for him. My daughter pulled her iPod out of her purse and handed it to him. “Here! Use this!” When the time came for him to pull out the apple, the director was expecting him to merely mime an apple. Instead, he pulled out her iPod and pretended to bite it in half!


The director snorted rather loudly and started laughing before he finally forbade them from doing that during any of the performances.


Later, the cast was clearing the stage and putting away the props. One person went over and picked up two of the three gifts from the Kings and started to walk away when my daughter called out, “But wait! There’s Myrrh!”

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