Seven Quick Takes: High on Tryptophan Edition

Seven Quickies: Hobbity Edition

It’s time Seven Quick Takes Friday, hosted by Jennifer Fulwiler at Conversion Diary. Be sure to stop by her blog to see all the other Quick Takers.

I am writing this as I digest Thanksgiving dinner, so who knows where I’ll wind up going.


I remembered to take some pictures of Thanksgiving dinner before we all started horking it down, but not before Nathan did this to the turkey:


Oops. It was really pretty. It was also really yummy, and I have great plans for the leftovers!

I love the Rosemary Sea Salt Rolls I make (a la Pioneer Woman):


They make for really awesome sliders with the leftover turkey!

By the time Nathan was finished carving the turkey, everyone was Ready to Eat!, but I felt the need to get a picture of the spread first:


In addition to all the home-made fixings, I include the Very Fancy Cranberry Sauce. Because it’s delicious, and why work hard to replace something you already like?


I’m looking forward to eating dessert, but first I have to digest some of dinner. I bought a pumpkin pie and made this Apple Braid:



We’ve also got some nice, fancy beers to indulge in as part of dessert:



IMG_0378.JPGI really wish I had something for when I make Thanksgiving dinner. My great-grandmother had this wooden bowl and a cool knife for cutting the giblets. My sister laid claim to it decades ago, before I realized how convenient it would be to have one.

When we were kids, she’d love to dice the giblets, and I was perfectly happy to let her do it. Then I started making Thanksgiving dinner on my own, and dicing giblets on a cutting board is NOT the same. It’s not as easy!

Now I want to buy one in the worst way.



This week my 13 year-old made an ugly sweater for a contest at her dance studio.



It was a thing to behold!



I’m talking about a special kind of ugly here. I mean, look at this thing close-up!



I’ve seen the competition. She should win, if it’s a just world.


I need to enjoy this weekend because next week is INSANO WEEK! Both girls have performances in two different places at the same time on two nights. Plus they both have rehearsals at the same time in two different places. So there will be much driving and practicing, and then there will be much performing next weekend.

It’ll all be pretty awesome, though, and I’m really proud of my girls for the hard work they’ve put in on the play (16 year-old) and the dance recital (13 year-old).


Nathan found this really cool series of videos about the evolution of video game graphics. It was fascinating to watch the progression from Pong and Asteroids to the modern video games we see today. Here’s the first video, but I really recommend the whole series:

4 thoughts on “Seven Quick Takes: High on Tryptophan Edition

  1. First of all, I think I’d have LOVED that sweater before she, um, bedazzled it.
    Second, I think I NEED that bowl. And, for that matter, so does my older son.

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