Small Success Thursday: Turkey and the Trimmings Edition!

Happy Thanksgiving! I’m writing this Small Success post in case has something ready to roll for today. Head over there and check out what’s going on, even if Small Success Thursday isn’t happening today.


I’ve been busy prepping for Thanksgiving today (I’m writing this on Wednesday), and I’m excited for tomorrow!

I made an Apple Braid, which I found on Facebook and saved for this occasion.


I prepped three loaves of bread to make stuffing.


You’ll also notice that my girls washed and wrapped the sweet potatoes, which are destined for the crock pot early tomorrow morning.

I baked a Maple Oat Bread:


And, not pictured, I made 3.5 pounds of bacon for the weekend!

Onions are chopped, things are nearly ready for the whirlwind of Thanksgiving dinner preparation! I’ll have the water for the giblets set up tonight, so all I need to do at 6:30 is get said giblets into the pot and start simmering. The schedule is done and plugged in on my iPhone, and I have reminders going off all day tomorrow.

So Thanksgiving is going to be stress-free and delicious!

And that’s pretty awesome!


Happy Thanksgiving!

6 thoughts on “Small Success Thursday: Turkey and the Trimmings Edition!

  1. YAY! Glad you got all that done. Enjoy the day. And here’s an updated link to the recipe (I’m transitioning off the old recipe blog). Thanks for linking!


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