Goofy, Funny, Punny Teens

My 13 year-old has been coming up with puns lately, and I couldn’t resist sharing a couple of her latest jokes.

She came downstairs while I was getting ready for the day, and told me this story:

Abraham came in to Sarah, and said, “You’ll never believe what just happened!”

Sarah looks at him and asks, “What?”

“GOD TALKED TO ME!” exclaimed Abraham.

Sarah’s mouth dropped open. “NO WAY!” she said.

“YAHWEH!” answered Abraham.


Then the other night I was talking about a place where construction has been going on. They’ve been building a new bridge over a highway for Elm Street, which has been needed for at least the nearly-11 years we’ve lived here. I commented that I was driving through that area on the highway and was nervous, since I’d noticed that there had been an accident at that point on the highway for three days running.

Our 13 year-old looked at us and said, “Ugh. It’s such a NIGHTMARE!”

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