Post from the Past: Christ My King

This post is from two years ago, but the feast of Christ the King continues to give me food for thought, and I spent most of the Vigil Mass last night near tears as I pondered the love my King has for me.

Happy feast of Christ the King!

Domestic Vocation

Yesterday was the Solemnity of Christ the King, a fairly new feast for the Church.

The Feast of Christ the King was established by Pope Pius XI in 1925 as an antidote to secularism, a way of life which leaves God out of man’s thinking and living and organizes his life as if God did not exist. The feast is intended to proclaim in a striking and effective manner Christ’s royalty over individuals, families, society, governments, and nations.

Americans, even with our fascination with British Royalty, don’t look at kings the same way as countries with monarchies, but this doesn’t mean that we don’t have our own kings and queens. Elizabeth Scalia wrote a whole book about our idols, which can include everything from money and sex to political figures and Hollywood stars. It’s not about conservative or liberal, Catholic or Protestant – everyone has idols and things…

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