Seven Quick Takes: It’s in Here Somewhere!

Seven Quick Takes: Over-the-Hill EditionIt’s that time again! Seven Quick Takes Friday, hosted (for the second week running) by Kelly at This Ain’t the Lyceum! Be sure to stop by and see some of the other Quick Take posts that are linked up there.



Let me start by saying THANK YOU to Kelly, who linked to my last 7QT post. I woke up to a message saying I’d already had 60 people visit this little blog by 7 AM. I’m glad my I-Swear-It’s-Not-Herpes story is funny to someone aside from me. The internet is great for finding people who have the same warped sense of humor as I do! I tease Nathan all the time that I had to marry him because he laughed at my lame jokes.

Now I’m all…

…because new people found my blog!



I made a comment on Facebook to Simcha Fisher about having written an essay in the fifth grade about my favorite movie at that time: Blazing Saddles. I have just spent the last 45 minutes looking through all of my things from my school years, and cannot find it for the life of me! I’m so disappointed, because I could swear I still had it, and I can’t imagine where it went.



And, yes, I have every report card from Kindergarten through 12th grade. I’m really weird like that.

But, apparently not weird enough to not lose the most important essay I’ve ever written!


I found this picture of me:


It’s from the Cultural Olympics that my high school used to do. (That’s a fancy-schmancy name for a talent show.)

Anyway, when she saw this picture, my 13 year-old said that her older sister looks JUST LIKE ME. Let’s see what you think:




Do not attempt this at home!

Thanksgiving is coming! I’m so excited because Thanksgiving dinner is my favorite meal EVAH! I make my father’s stuffing, bake a turkey that’s too big for the four of us (for the leftovers, people!), and relish the prospect of eating turkey sandwiches with cranberry sauce on little Rosemary rolls for a week!

For a while, we actually had more than one Thanksgiving each year. We would invite friends over and have a Thanksgiving meal with all the trimmings, and we’d give thanks to God for what we have. We’ve fallen out of that habit, but I think I want to schedule some more. It’s always good to be thankful, so why wait until the fourth Thursday in November to do it? Why wait until then for the Best Meal All Year?


I’m going to tell on my sweet 13 year-old.

She is a wonderful dancer, and is beautiful and graceful on stage.

Tappin' as a Rockette!

Tappin’ as a Rockette!

But just bopping around the house, the kid is the worst clutz in the family.

I do NOT get that. She’s amazing when she dances, and is the absolute worst at carrying anything that needs to be level (like dishes of food or too-full glasses) and has a real propensity for knocking things over. When we were painting her room last year, she is the one who spilled paint. When we have a tray table near the couch with a drink on it, she’s the one most likely to spill it into her father’s computer bag. (He does have the best-smelling bag at work today.)

I can’t figure it out. It’s like all of her gracefulness gets used up by dancing, and she has nothing left for the rest of life. (Suddenly, I’m not looking forward to her driving.)


My plan for behind-the-wheel!

Speaking of driving, my older daughter and I went to a DMV 2 Go! van yesterday to ask about how to get her learner’s permit. While she doesn’t have to be finished with the classroom portion of her instruction, she does need to have passed her written test to get her permit. So I think she needs to finish the online class.

Also, I have to find her Social Security card, because we need that number.

Anyway, Virginia has moved all driver’s ed out of the schools and into the hands of parents, which means that you have to pay someone to do both the classroom and the behind-the-wheel portions of driver’s ed. As homeschoolers, we can apply to teach behind-the-wheel ourselves, which is nice since it’ll save us about $200, but the classroom portion has to be done through a certified instructor. (We went with, who is certified in all fifty states.)

Oh, and apparently there’s a huge backup to get into a behind-the-wheel program. One mom said she had to sign her child up almost a year ahead of when she’d be able to take it because of the waiting list!

Gee, I wonder whose idea it was to make this a law? (And I wonder how parents who can’t afford to pay for behind-the-wheel will get their kids drivers licenses. Not having a license is a serious problem if you need a job, especially in an area like ours, where public transport isn’t quite the same as Big Cities like Alexandria.)


I was going to add a video here, but this is just too funny!

I just now showed the picture of me to my 16 year-old, and said, “Is this you?”

“What? Who is it? Wait…is that me? I don’t remember… but… Hang on… Is that me??

So, I guess she is mine, even if I’m often puzzled by her and wonder where she came from.

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