Small Success Thursday: The One Where I Survived Having Six Teens

It’s Small Success Thursday again over at! If you’re the blogging type tell us how you’ve found success this past week, even if it seems insignificant. Then leave a link over at the link-up. If you’re not the blogging type, feel free to share in my comments boxes.


Last weekend, my 16 year-old had four friends over to paint her room. People started arriving at about 10:30 AM, and the last one went home about 6:45 PM. They painted two coats on three of her four walls, and we put the final coats on the last wall after everyone went home.



You can see a bit of the theme that used to be in the room in last week’s Seven Quick Takes. The picture there is the corner where her desk now sits.

We saved the Mr. Sanders sign, since I felt too nostalgic to throw it away.

The success for her was the room got painted (except for the ceiling, which we’ll do ourselves next weekend). The success for me was that I didn’t kill anyone else’s teenagers. The success for my 13 year-old is that I managed to put the fear of God into them all about going into the closet where her dance costumes are kept (after warning them multiple times to STAY OUT).

Not that I had anything to do with it, but my shingles seem to be nearly gone. I have one very small patch that still hurts a little, and it started itching a bit this morning. (It seems that as I’m healing, I’m going backwards from hurt to itch to nothing.) I’m grateful it seems to be fading, especially since I had been gradually losing my ability to Offer It Up with grace.

I’ve scheduled myself to go for a run this morning before lunch. It should be in the mid-40’s by then, and there’s not much wind today. The last day I didn’t have anything going on (and it wasn’t raining) was Tuesday, when the high was in the low-20’s with steady winds at 20-30 MPH. Not really what I wanted to run in, unless the wind could ALWAYS be at my back. (Do I ask Our Lady of Victory for that?)

Ten points to you if you get my goofy reference.

Also, probably one of the very best things that happened this past week was this. I’m still kind of over the moon about it.

How about you? What awesome stuff is going on in your life?

4 thoughts on “Small Success Thursday: The One Where I Survived Having Six Teens

  1. You are brave for allowing teens to paint your daughter’s room! But it sounds like it worked out well! I am sorry to hear about your shingles, and I pray they will heal soon. I also am really excited about the Gospel Reflections ebook. It’s such a joy and honor to be part of, isn’t it? Well, enjoy your run, and have a blessed day!


    • Thanks! I was only stressed out when they kept insisting on going into the closet. Finally, I yelled, “GET OUT AND STAY OUT OF THE CLOSET! THOSE DANCE COSTUMES COST ME HUNDREDS OF DOLLARS!!!”

      I hate when I have to get all Mean Mom on other people’s kids.

      But they did a pretty good job of painting, and they had fun. Considering I “paid” them with Firehouse Subs and pizza, it was a good deal for me. 😉

      Thanks for the prayers about the shingles, too. I’ll be so grateful when they’re completely gone!


  2. May I say it was GENIUS of her to invite friends to help!!
    And yay for shingles healing.
    I love your post.
    I just got back from co-op. My SST post will be up shortly.


  3. I second the honor to be part of , Sarah!!! AND the brave-nature of allowing teens at paint brushes. They did do a very good job!! How did the run go — in awe of that over the teen thing, esp. in spite of healing from shingles. I HAVE no reason not to run — like healthwise anyway, and I still don’t make an appointment to do so. Kudos on a great week!!


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