Because of Coloring Pages

Once upon a time, I was the mother of a toddler and a preschooler who needed something to keep them happy during Mass. I was running out of coloring pages and coloring books when my mother told me about a site she saw that seemed right up my alley: “They have coloring pages for Sunday’s Gospel!” she exclaimed. I was so excited to have this simple resource, and was found many Sundays to be hovering over my printer as Nathan called out that we were going to be late for church if I didn’t hustle. Eventually, I moved the girls up to worksheets that reviewed the basics of each Sunday’s Mass, and I found lots of resources to help me build a domestic church and to enhance our homeschool lessons.

Fast forward a bit, and I found new friends on Twitter, including Sarah Reinhard, who was writing for Through her, I “met” (virtually speaking) THE Lisa Hendey!! Eventually, I was invited to share my love of apps in the Tech Talk area on the site. I love talking about various apps and technology that makes life easier for busy parents!

Last year, Lisa had a new idea: Daily Gospel Reflections. Each day, one of the team of bloggers would write about the day’s Gospel, taking turns by having a particular number of the month assigned. (Mine is 27.) So beginning on January 1, 2014, a daily reflection on the day’s Mass readings goes up. It’s been a really popular part of the ever-growing pool of resources at, and so Lisa had another wonderful idea.

Why not have an e-book for next year’s daily readings?


I am truly honored to have an outlet at and to have been a part of the Gospel reflection team, especially. And I am really, really honored that I’m a part of the new e-book now available for Kindle*, As Morning Breaks: Daily Gospel Reflections. Each day has a live link to the day’s Gospel reading, as well as a reflection and prayer written by one of the team of writers.

Once upon a time, I was a mom trying to keep her preschoolers occupied at Mass. Today, I’m a writer — a real writer! — for the very same site that helped me teach my children about the Mass and the weekly Gospel. I’m not going to lie: I cried a little when I saw that the book was live.

And it’s all because of coloring pages. (And Mom! Thank you, Mom!)


*As Morning Breaks is a steal at only $2.99. You don’t need a Kindle to be able to get it — there are apps for phones and even your desktop computer to make use of the Kindle store.

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