Seven Quick Takes Friday: It’s Not What You Think!

Seven Quickies: Back from Vacation EditionIt’s Quick Takes Friday time! Jennifer Fulwiler is our lovely and talented hostess, and she’s got a link-up with a gazillion other bloggers who are also participating, so be sure to check that out!


I mentioned my shingles yesterday, and I really do hope I’ve hit a turning point. I’ve been offering up the pain and discomfort for my Nana, but at Adoration this week, I finally realized I hadn’t even asked for healing. Not that shingles is the kind of thing that lasts forever, but I guess I had been so focused on remembering to Offer It Up, I forgot that I could also, at the same time, ask to get some relief!


So there I was at Adoration, and just before my Holy Hour was up, I prayed, “Lord, please heal me. I’m hurting so much.”

At that moment, the shoulder that’s been hurting started to itch instead. Mind you, for about a week before the pain started, that shoulder was really itchy. For a week straight, I felt like I could just scratch it down to the bone, it was so bad!

I’m really, really hoping it’s a turning point. (If you could, say a prayer for me to start getting better.)


I mentioned yesterday that I had a funny story about my prescriptions.


I had gone to urgent care about the pain, and though I didn’t present with a rash, the doctor on duty said he couldn’t think of what else would do this, so he gave me a prescription for pain relief and a prescription for an anti-viral. I dropped them off at my usual pharmacist and went home to have breakfast and get ready to run errands across town.

When I went back in, my pharmacist pulled me aside (there were another 4-5 people there) and asked in a hushed tone, “Do you mind if I ask what this is for?”


“Oh!” She visibly brightened, then told me she couldn’t fill it, and handed me the scrip, instructing me to start it immediately and take the full course. “If you’re not careful, shingles can cause long-term nerve damage,” she warned me. I went to WalMart, since I needed some other things there, made sure they had it on hand, then went about my business.

When I paid for it, the cashier said, “The pharmacist needs to see you for a consult before you take it.”

Okay, no big deal. I go to the consult window and he comes over. “Okay,” he starts. “No alcohol while you’re on this.”

“Rats,” I think. “No evening beer for the next week. Phooey.”

“Take it all,” he continues. “Don’t skip doses, don’t stop until it’s gone. You might want to eat something when you take it.”

“Okay,” I answer. Then it gets … weird.

“Okay, then,” he mutters as he pops the bottle in the bag and staples the informational paperwork to the outside of it. “Um…so…um, I hope it’s…uh, shingles. Uh… good luck.” And he shoves the bag across the counter. I turn around to my girls, who are standing directly behind me, and say, “Done!” and turn to him and say, “Thank you.”

I’m seriously puzzled by his demeanor, though.

I get to Sam’s Club and we have lunch, and I start my prescriptions right away. I don’t look at paperwork, which I actually leave hidden in my car, and I finish my errands and running-around.

I go home, we have dinner and watch a movie, and I take the next course of the anti-viral. The kids go to bed, and I finally pull the paperwork out of the car to read about side effects (which, oddly enough, were NOT a part of the pharmacist’s discussion — but they aren’t really bad, anyway). And that’s when everything comes together.

COMMON USES: This medicine is an antiviral used for treating herpes zoster infection (shingles). It is also used to treat recurring herpes skin infections in patients who also have HIV infection. This medicine is also used to treat recurring cold sores and to treat or suppress recurring genital herpes. …

So there I was, mom with a crucifix on my neck and kids in tow, picking up medicine for genital herpes that HIV patients also use!

Most hilarious thing that’s happened to me in a LONG time!


Is it a sin that I almost want to go back and hit on that pharmacist to freak him out?

(I think I’m going to be in Purgatory for a really, really long time.)



I saw that the Edel Gathering for 2015 is all queued up! I’m hoping we can afford for me to go. I’m pretty sure the only way I can afford it is if I room with someone, though, so maybe I need to hunt down a roommate for the weekend.

Or maybe if I just sell one of my kids.

Anyone want a teenager?

(Shoot. There’s another few years in Purgatory.)


My older daughter is supposed to be having people over to paint her room this weekend. We’ve done zero prep on the room, I haven’t even officially invited anyone. I am definitely not doing a good job on this. The date sort of snuck up on me.

The Winnie-the-Pooh tree was so cute when she was 6! Not so much at 16.

The Winnie-the-Pooh tree was so cute when she was 6! Not so much at 16.

Why is time speeding up as I get older?


Just stick with the musical. Trust me.

Just stick with the musical. Trust me.

I was so excited about “Selfie,” a sitcom on ABC, when I first watched it. It’s an updated Pygmalion (or, if you prefer, My Fair Lady) in which a self-centered girl who’s Instafamous seeks assistance from a marketing guru at her office to remake her image after she realizes that she has no real friends to call on (who will answer) if she’s in trouble.

The show had such potential to show people how to be genuine and kind, but we told our girls that we’d have to preview each episode because we also knew it could go in a very bad direction, given the subject matter.

We all watched the first three episodes, and found ourselves rooting for Eliza and Henry to each become better at real human relations (and to fall in love while they’re at it). It was going so well until…

…Episode 4, when there was some seriously racy stuff mentioned (Karma Sutra, with a glimpse at an illustration!!!!). And then Nathan and I didn’t even finish Episode 5, which centered around getting Henry “laid.”

I’m so disappointed. “Selfie” could have been something truly great. Instead, it turned out to be like everything else I see on TV sitcoms: a chance to make juvenile sex jokes. Now I’m not even sorry it’s being cancelled, even if Amy Pond and Sulu are the stars.

Just change the channel, Amy.

I guess we’ll watch “The Cosby Show” on Hulu instead. At least Cliff and Clare kept private things private!


I really like leaving you with a video here. So, let’s see what we have…

Ah, yes! A blast from the past for me! Bedtime with my older daughter!

Have a great weekend!

7 thoughts on “Seven Quick Takes Friday: It’s Not What You Think!

  1. I wouldn’t think prescriptions could make a funny story, but that was definitely hilarious. And you totally should have hit on the pharmacist. I will pray for your recovery as well.
    Hope to see you at Edel!


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