Seven Quick Takes: Hard Work and Hard Questions

Welcome to Seven Quick Takes Friday, hosted by Jennifer Fulwiler at Conversion Diary. Be sure to go check out all the other Quick Takers at her blog’s link-up!


I finished Understanding the Scriptures with my 16 year-old. All that’s left for her now is to take the final Quarter Test and I can mail all her grades in to Seton. One more course done from last year!


We have been perpetually “behind” since she started ninth grade. It wasn’t until the Summer that was supposed to be between ninth and tenth grades that I finally broke down and investigated treating her ADD with medication. Best decision ever! But it doesn’t make up for the fact that we were already behind the usual schedule. I’ve been trimming off unnecessary work since that time, working to get her on a schedule that will allow her to walk across the stage at graduation in May of 2016. She’s been a real trooper, considering she’s hardly had any breaks from schoolwork at all since Fall of 2012. I mean, we take vacations and all, but she’s worked over Summers and everything. I don’t want her to burn out!


My grandmother, The Lovely Nana, has had to move from the assisted living facility she had been in for the last couple of years to a full-on nursing home that has a specialty wing for memory care patients. My parents went back to North Carolina this week to help her settle in a little bit, since the big change was very upsetting to her. She had gotten used to the faces around her at the old place, and suddenly, she didn’t recognize ANYTHING around her. Thank God, Mom and Dad have been able to help her calm down and start listening to the instructions of the staff there.


It’s really difficult to think about my Nana coming to the end of her life. It’s been difficult to see her lose her mental faculties over time. She was once an independent woman with a sharp wit who read constantly and prided herself on doing community work. She was an EMT for an ambulance service in the retirement community she and Grandpa moved to when I was in elementary school. She had been in the theater group in that community, too. She raised six children. When my grandfather died, she grieved, but she lived on, even traveling to Ireland and finding her cousins in the very same town where her Da had been born. (She was delighted by the people who said, “Oh! You’re the daughter of Robert Haugh, who went to America!”) So much of this is gone from her own memories, and her independence is gone completely. But she’s still Nana, and we still love her. And once in a while, we get a glimpse of the Old Nana.



The Fall colors here have been so beautiful! I haven’t taken many pictures this year, but I do have a couple.



Everywhere I look, there’s beauty! I’m so blessed to live somewhere where we get this kind of show every Fall.


I’ve been thinking seriously of taking some of my better photography and selling it. I’m not sure how I’d set something up online to do that, allowing people to order prints or canvasses. I do know that I want to have a few prints made for me to frame and hang at home.

Do you or anyone you know do something like this with any success? How do you go about this without someone stealing your work that’s online?


It’s 80’s flashback time! My 13 year-old is doing a tap solo to this song.

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