Small Success Thursday: Where Have I Been?? Edition

Welcome to Small Success Thursday, hosted by! This is our chance to look back on our week and see where things have gone right, then share our successes with each other for encouragement!

I just looked at my blog and realized that I haven’t blogged in a MONTH! I’ve been busy with homeschool (we’ve been on track – until last week, anyway) and dance and play rehearsals and … well, here:

1. First success is that being on track thing. I created a schedule for the day, which we follow loosely. It still helps to have it! I also realized that if I create lesson plans in my own planbook, as opposed to just looking at the various binders of plans I have for all those high school subjects, I tend to get more done. It feels less overwhelming, too! So I’ve been doing that a week or two ahead of time, writing things in while the girls work. We’ve been getting a lot done. Or we were, until last week.

2. We went to 40 Days for Life three times last week, and two of those times were during the school day. I let the guilt set in from all of the emails and phone calls from our coordinator (whom I love dearly), and I signed up to do an hour on the parish day and an hour on the Knights of Columbus’ day. Between drive time and the hour there, each one takes up about 2 hours of time. Then, since I’m across town, I tend to run an errand or two to maximize the gas I’ve just used to get there. So make it 2-3 hours before we’re back. My poor ADD daughter just falls apart in school after something like that. As much as I want to be there, last week has convinced me that I need to say no to this important mission. I can’t be there in person at this time, and that will probably be true for the next 4 years — until my younger daughter graduates.

When I was reading Lisa Hendey’s new book, The Grace of Yes, and got to the chapter “The Grace of No”, I was hit upside the head with it. I can’t let the guilt I feel for not going interfere with the fact — the real-life fact — that it’s not good for my kids’ academics to take the time off in the middle of the day for it. (Thanks, Lisa!)

3. I don’t know if this is a success or not, but my older daughter turned 16 last Wednesday. We have this plan to let her have friends over to paint her room for a party, but can’t figure out when to fit it in with the rest of life. *sigh* But we surprised her on her birthday by purchasing a new desk for her, and Nathan set it up while she was at play rehearsals.

4. Yup, play rehearsals. She auditioned for Like Winter Waiting, a play about the season of Advent, and got the part of a shepherd! This is going to make December interesting, as the play is at the exact same time as her sister’s dance performances. Thank God Nathan will be able to split duties with me, but he’ll miss the dance performance at the outdoor Christmas festival. (There are actually 5 performances over 3 days, I think, so we’ll all get to see her.)

5. And what has kept us from accomplishing school this week?


Oh, my God — I had to pray so hard for the grace not to freak out completely. I have a horrible bug phobia, and the idea that I had to deal with little creepy bugs on my daughter’s head was the WORST!!! My niece, who is visiting this week, did the first comb-through for me, and I ran to WalMart to buy all the stuff. I complained loudly on Twitter (#GreatLiceBattleOf2014), did research (I had to look at bugs online!!! ON PURPOSE!!!!), and washed everything she’d been in contact with recently in hot water.

We were blessed in that we’d been out of the house for three days, so any bugs that fell off her head into the couch (eeeeewwwwwww!!!!!!) or onto blankets were dead. But we had to vacuum out the car, do EVERYONE’S laundry in hot water, and go through a regimen of treatment. After her first RID shampoo, which was on wet hair (she’d just gotten out of the shower), I oiled up her head with olive oil (which I remembered my friend telling me was the one thing that got rid of it for her family when her SIX KIDS got it and gave it to her). She slept with that (shower cap), and that pretty much killed everything hatched. I’ve been washing linens EVERY MORNING. Last night, I finished the last of the laundry and then washed the girls’ laundry sorter, which is made of canvas.

I spent two hours combing through her hair the other day. This hair:


I got some great advice from Rebecca Taylor of Mary Meets Dolly, and we used LiceFreee on her yesterday morning. Today, for the first time since Sunday night, she got to wash her hair with real shampoo and conditioner. I think we beat it, but school? Yeah, not so much.

But that’s why there’s next week.

So the biggest success is the Great Lice Battle of 2014 — and that I didn’t shave my ballerina’s head, though it did cross my mind.

By the way, I want to thank anyone who gave me advice or prayed for me this week while I was freaking out. I know for sure that those prayers are what kept me sane and able to put my hands into her hair every day this week. I am deeply grateful for it!

Oh, and the featured picture is one of me with The Lovely Nana, who turned 95 last Saturday. We were out of the house for three days because we went to celebrate with her. Everyone wanted to take selfies with her, and she gets confused about what we’re doing. To her, the phone doesn’t look like a camera, and she can see herself, too. I explained it was like the old photo booths, and that’s when she relaxed and smiled for this picture. She’s saying, “Birthday!” here.


Have a wonderful weekend!

One thought on “Small Success Thursday: Where Have I Been?? Edition

  1. Lice is one of those terrors I just never ever want to cope with….so I get that not freaking out is a major success. Congratulations! And I’m getting ready to read Lisa’s book, now you’ve whetted my appetite.


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