Small Success Thursday: Getting Started Again

Welcome to Small Success Thursday, hosted by! This is our chance to look back and see the little things that went right.

We’ve been stumbling along in school all Summer long, but on Monday our co-op started back up. I managed to survive, and learned that my 15 year old has a talent for corralling young children during drama class! That morning, I realized I had NO supplies for lunch, and I threw together some soup in the crock pot. After simmering for a couple of hours, it was delightful! This could be the start of a tradition for co-op days.

I went for a run during my 13 year old’s dance class on Tuesday. It was a bit hot, but I felt good right up until my body decided that it had had enough of breathing whatever it is I’m allergic to in the Fall. (I think it’s the goldenrod and ragweed, which grows in abundance along the Greenway where I was running.) I then proceeded to walk the rest of the way. I was grateful to find that Nathan runs into the same problems in the Spring when his allergies are bad. (Whew! I’m not a wimp!)

I also ordered the schoolbooks I needed for this week. Granted, I ordered them yesterday and needed them Monday, but they finally got ordered. And the ones from Seton are going to be delivered today! Hooray for living in the same state as Seton!

And, finally, I put together a project with some of my photos from our South Dakota trip. I’ll be putting the final touches (meaning text) on it soon, and then I’ll place the order to have it made up. I’m very excited about it!


How about you? Check in at with your successes and read some of the other posts this week!

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