Small Success Thursday: Back from Vacation!

Welcome to’s Small Success Thursday, where we talk about the good stuff that’s happened this week, no matter how small it seems. Life is full of small successes more than big ones, and we need to remember that they all add up!


I’ve been on vacation since the last time I wrote for Small Success Thursday, and I barely have blogged at all since the beginning of August.

First success for me happened on vacation. Nathan and I climbed Harney Peak, the highest peak between the Rockies and the Alps! We started at Sylvan Lake, which is around 6000+ feet above sea level, and finished at the top of Harney Peak, which is 7242 feet above sea level! It was more than 1000 feet of altitude change, and it was one of the hardest things I’ve done physically, short of giving birth. (Nothing really surpasses that, I think. I mean, think of the biological facts!)

I was a big whiner for a lot of the climb, and I finally realized what a HUGE crybaby I was being. I didn’t want to ruin the hike for my dear husband, who has dreamed of doing this for years, so I decided I would offer up various aches and pains for various causes. I managed to greatly reduce my crabbiness, and we finally reached the top. I just wept for the beauty of it all.

All I have is this panorama view, since I haven’t yet downloaded the pictures from my good camera.


On the right side of that picture, you can see Montana in the distance. I’m not kidding.

I really enjoyed the hike down more than the hike up (yay, gravity!), and was in a great mood by the time we got to the bottom. The total distance we walked was about 7 miles.

Success number two was that I got myself to the doctor for my annual exam and some blood work, which was a bit overdue. (I’d forgotten before vacation that I needed to get blood work done in July, which means my pharmacist had to do some fancy stuff to give me enough of my prescription to get me through vacation before I had a legitimate refill. My pharmacist rocks, which is why I don’t switch to the mail order place.)

Success number three is that my sweet baby got her extractions this morning, and we were early for the appointment! Also, soreness aside, she’s doing well. They did a number on her mouth, pulling four teeth and exposing two more. I prayed during the extractions and was mainly a nervous wreck until I got her home again. We’ve been watching Doctor Who while she recuperates.

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2 thoughts on “Small Success Thursday: Back from Vacation!

  1. Beautiful photo, and good for you for making that climb! I’m glad your daughter is recovering well and hope it’s all smooth sailing from here.
    We’re not going to talk about just how overdue I am for my annual. The motivation is just not there anymore–I’m not having any symptoms, and why should I get an exam to rule out cervical cancer if I no longer have a cervix?


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