Writing Elsewhere: Getting to Church on Vacation


Today, I’ve got a piece up at CatholicMom.com’s Tech Talk corner, in which I discuss one of the most important apps I use: Mass Times! It’s invaluable, especially when you take a road trip into some of the most remote areas of South Dakota like we just did.

When traveling, as Catholics, we know that Sunday’s obligation is not excused. This means that we need to find a local parish where we can attend Mass while away from home. In the old days, before internet, it was left to chance: once you got to your vacation destination, you’d check to see where the closest parish was in the phone book or the hotel guide, and you’d call for Mass times that weekend. With the advent of the internet (and parish websites), you could check the schedule online first, but you’d still need to look a bit to be sure you could find churches in nearby towns, especially if you tended to travel to more remote areas.


Read the rest here.

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