Small Success Thursday: On My Phone, In the Car Edition

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I’m typing this on the phone while my husband is driving us through Indiana. We’re headed to South Dakota, and (God willing) the Black Hills. We’re picking up his mom and stopping on the way to see his grandma.

So here go my quickie successes!

1. We left the house before 6:00!! (Who knew there were still 2 of those?) Our kids were so excited to go, they were up BEFORE US! Our 15 year old was in the shower before 5, which proves that teens are willing to be up early if they’re excited enough about the day.

2. When I got dressed, I pulled out those jeans I managed to wear a couple weeks ago. Last time, they were fresh out of the dryer and I had to do the Blue Jeans Dance to get them on. This week…not so much. I just pulled them on!!

If it wasn’t 5:30 am, I probably would have done a happy dance.

3. I finished Couch to 5K!


Anyway, I got home from running – longest distance yet and a GREAT pace, despite not having run for 5 days – and started sobbing. I just stood there in the kitchen while my poor daughters asked if I was okay or had pulled a muscle or what, and I cried and cried. I’ve had a couple of really emotionally rough weeks, where I felt like such a failure at so many things, and while I ran I was so TIRED. I wanted to stop. I didn’t want to run any more, ever. So I prayed, “Jesus, I need a win. I need a success please help me finish.”

Guys, three months ago I couldn’t walk around my block at a steady pace. (Granted, it IS 1.5 miles around my block, but still…) Now I walk halfway up our hill (.5 mile hill!), then run the rest of that, then keep on going! I RUN FOR 30:00! It’s like I’m a different person. I’m so proud of me.

There will be a part 2 to this post next week, and I’ll try to have pictures. OH! And a part 3 next week, too!

4. I did a Small Success post! I haven’t blogged much for the last 2 weeks, so I’m glad to add something.

Have a blessed week!

6 thoughts on “Small Success Thursday: On My Phone, In the Car Edition

  1. I just wanted you to know that you have inspired me to get my behind off the couch. I took a walk last night just because of you! Thanks. I felt great just getting out of the house and moving. Why don’t I do this every day????


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