The Unexpected Break

I wound up taking an entire week off blogging (and completely unintentionally!) last week. I will probably make up the Lawn Chair Catechism post, mostly because it’ll bother me if I don’t, and I do hope to be better at keeping up this week with it.


In the meantime, I’ve developed a horrible pain in my shoulder that has spread to my neck and head. I actually went to urgent care for pain meds today. I’ll also have to go get that last hour of massage I paid for. I’ve been avoiding my masseuse because I discovered (after paying for the 6 hours worth of massages) that he dabbles in the New Age nonsense that I didn’t want. I didn’t ask first because I figured that a fellow Catholic, EMHC, and Knight of Columbus wouldn’t be doing that sort of thing. But, alas!

In fact, the last email he sent me also told me that he would be happy to do ear candling for me, as well.


I might need a more regular massage therapy, but I simply MUST find someone who doesn’t use Reiki or any New Age junk. It’s very hard to relax when you feel like you’re doing spiritual battle during a massage.

2 thoughts on “The Unexpected Break

  1. When I first saw the title, knowing that you were going to get that shoulder looked at, I thought you had broken a bone! Hopefully that’s NOT the case. Sorry (but not surprised) to hear about the massage issues. All of that (and yoga) seems to go hand in hand. It weirds me out too.


    • No broken bones here! Just some really nasty muscle pain.

      I remember when I was interpreting for a student at a massage therapy school. The coursework was VERY heavy in New Age/Eastern Spirituality (or the fake kind that Westerners tend to like). I was very weirded out doing the interpreting, and it let me know that it would be difficult to find someone who wasn’t into that stuff.

      If I do go back, though, I’ll need to find a charitable way to be firm about not going back and letting him know exactly why. As a Catholic, we shouldn’t be dabbling in that junk. As a Dominican, it’s my job to let him know it, and I’ve been shirking that duty by avoiding him (tough to do when we go to church together). :-p


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