Post from the Past: Choosing the Better Part

On the feast of St. Martha, I thought I’d share this old post about my struggles to get to daily Mass and live the Dominican life.


Domestic Vocation

I’ve struggled with daily Mass attendance, even though I need to assist at daily Mass as much as is possible for me, for a long time. The older my girls get, it seems it becomes harder for me to get to Mass.

We have so much to do for school this week. There are so many activities going on.

Even working in Morning and Evening Prayer and a daily Rosary seems hard some days.

But recently, we have had some difficulties with our nearly-14 year old. She’s struggling with temptations, and more contact with the Sacraments is just what is needed here. And, again, I’m supposed to be attending daily Mass anyway. Yet, this week and next are what can only be described as the beginning of my insanity. I had a 3 hour appointment at my church (counting the collections) Monday morning, then a quick lunch before we brushed…

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