Sunday Funnies: Monday Morning Edition

On Saturday morning, Nathan and I went to the chapter meeting for our local Dominicans. He’s beginning the Inquiry (Postulant) phase to discern if he’s called to the life of a Lay Dominican. He’s been waiting to discern this path until we had a chapter in our area, since previously I was driving more than 2 hours each way to go to meetings near UVA. For both of us to go would have meant that either we’d have to get two teenagers up and out of the house by 5:45 AM, or we’d have to leave them home alone for about 10 hours while we travelled. Neither of those options worked for us, and I think anyone can easily see why.

The girls were happy to stay home while we went to our own parish for a meeting in the morning, and as we left the church, I sent a text message to let them know we were on the way. Here’s our conversation, with names redacted for privacy:






My kids are so awesome! 

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