At, I’m talking about a technological update to the old Auto Bingo games we used to get at Cracker Barrel.


When my girls were little, we found these cool Road Trip Bingo cards at Cracker Barrel. We stocked up and wound up with half a dozen of these cards to keep everyone amused while we drove to whatever vacation we were taking. Sometimes, they’d even pull them out as we drove around town on errand days.

But after a while, they started getting dropped on the floor and stepped on in the back of the minivan, and the little windows started to stick (or fall out!).

There would be fights breaking out over who had the bunny card and who had the squirrel card.

And eventually, they did outgrow them, preferring a book or their iPod full of music and movies.

But Auto Bingo is back, with a technological twist!

Head on over to read the rest.

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