Seven Quick Takes: With Everything That Isn’t Running-Related This Week

Seven Quickies: Hobbity EditionWelcome to Seven Quick Takes Friday, hosted by Jennifer Fulwiler at Conversion Diary! Be sure to go check out the other Quick-Takers by clicking through to her blog.


My kids have both done theater camp this Summer, and my older daughter has her performances today — one at 2 and another at 7. They’ve had a great time, and even though they usually request that kids take two years of beginner camp before doing the advanced week, my 13 year old got invited to the advanced camp! Unfortunately, what with buying a new car and putting braces on her teeth next week, we didn’t exactly have the funds to do this. (We’re planning on budgeting for both kids to do both camps next year.)


You’ll notice I mentioned braces. Last Summer, we went to the orthodontist, and she suggested a VERY aggressive plan of extractions for my daughter. I was a bit freaked out and had a major episode of avoidance to deal with the stress. This did not help her teeth get any better, but I did wind up with a different orthodontist (same practice, though) this Summer, who is suggesting a far more conservative approach with fewer up-front extractions. We’re getting braces put on next Tuesday, and at the end of the month, we’ll take her to the oral surgeon for those baby teeth to be extracted.

She’ll probably need the braces for 3 to 3 1/2 years to get everything straight. The good news on this is that her sister doesn’t need braces. The bad news is that the dental insurance doesn’t let you use everyone’s orthodontia benefits for one child. (Wouldn’t THAT be cool?) Nevertheless, I’m grateful that we have dental insurance, and every little bit they pay towards fixing her teeth is less we have to pay for.


My older daughter is planning on taking a class from the US Soccer League on being a trained referee. She has a bunch of studying to do to be prepared for the class next Saturday, but when she passes, she’ll be able to get jobs being a ref at league games and make some money! This will combine two things she loves: soccer and making money to save for a car.


Oh, yeah. She’s also enrolled in an online Driver’s Ed course so she can get her permit. I’ll warn you when she takes to the road. 😉


I’ve been having the BEST TIME this week watching all the videos Weird Al Yankovic has been releasing. He promised eight videos in eight days, and, thanks to my teenaged daughters’ musical tastes, I actually know most of the music he’s spoofing this time! My favorite, by far, has been this take of “Blurred Lines,” one of the most despicable songs ever.

I can’t believe that he managed to take a song I LOATHE and create something that hits on all of my grammatical pet peeves! It’s brilliant!

I think it needs to be the official theme song for Twitter and Facebook.


I’ve loved Weird Al for ages. Back when I was growing up in New Jersey, the morning radio show I listened to used to play his “Another One Rides the Bus,” and I loved it. I used to pick up his albums the weekend they were released, and I even got to see him in concert twice: once at Great Adventure Theme Park in Jackson, NJ, and once at Pleasure Island in Orlando, FL. After the concert at Pleasure Island, I managed to get him to sign my copy of Even Worse, which I still have to this day.



Next week is Vacation Bible School at our parish, and I feel absolutely zero guilt for not volunteering to help. Instead, I’m dropping my girls off to volunteer while I go for a run and (hopefully) get back to writing my book that I’ve put off for the last year. Not only that, but VBS also happens to either start or finish at the same time as daily Mass 4 out of 5 days, so I think I’ll get back into that habit.

I think it’ll be a good week.

2 thoughts on “Seven Quick Takes: With Everything That Isn’t Running-Related This Week

  1. I’ve never heard “Blurred Lines” (color me pop-culture-impaired, and I don’t even care) but I LOVE Weird Al’s rendition. Have you heard his sendup of “Royals”? He’s too funny, and very talented.


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