Seven Quick Takes: Homeschool (Still), Stay- and Vacations, Movies, and Tornados

Seven Quickies: Hobbity EditionWelcome to Seven Quick Takes Friday, hosted by Jennifer Fulwiler at Conversion Diary. Be sure to go check out more Quick Take posts, linked at her blog!

Update: I stand corrected! I forgot Jen was on break and that the QT’s are being hosted at Team Whitaker in the meantime!


I mentioned in my Small Success post that we’ve been on a tear with homeschool. I was mistaken about finishing World History’s next quarter, but there’s only one chapter left to that, and we’re still moving at a better pace than before. But a burst of energy (or panic?) has put us in a good position for my kids to go on…


…their annual vacation with their grandparents and cousins. They’ll be spending a week with my mom and dad and my sister’s three girls in the Great Smoky Mountains, where they’ll be spoiled rotten, and after which I’ll need to spend about a week or so deprogramming them. (It’s not as bad as it used to be, when I’d also spend 3-4 weeks saying, “Yes, well, I’m not Grandma,” followed closely with, “Grandma wasn’t much fun when she was my Mommy, let me tell you!”) But while the girls are away, Nathan and I will…


…be having a staycation! He’ll work limited hours for a few days, and we’ll relax, binge on all the X-Men movies (and hopefully get out Wednesday night to see the new one!), and check out some local pubs and breweries on a few dates. As much as I’ve felt like I’ve been in the weeds lately, I’m really looking forward to this staycation.


My 12 year old daughter had an English assignment to describe an experience using varied sentences. I loved her little paragraph, and asked her if I could please share it.


The sight of the audience below me and the blinding stage lights above me are exhilarating, yet a bit nerve-wracking, and send a big smile across my face. As I dance, I notice the people in the wings, their faces darkened by the lack of light. On the stage below me are colored tape marks to mark places for line up. The amphitheater is cold, but by the end of the dance I’m warmed up from all the energy.


I think my favorite part is “their faces darkened by the lack of light.”


Nathan’s grandmother lives in a teeny town in South Dakota, and it was hit by a tornado on Wednesday night. Thank God, no one was killed, and only one person even needed to be hospitalized (and she’s on the mend). Grammy lives in a little apartment strip, and everyone there took shelter in the church across the street. Their town is locked down while the National Guard cleans things up, and they had no electricity this morning.

Grammy’s biggest complaint was that she couldn’t get a cup of coffee.

I laughed pretty hard at that, but gave praise to God that was all she had to complain about!


It’s been hotter than usual here in Southwest Virginia this week: mid to upper 90’s. It’s sapping my energy something terrible every time I venture outdoors. I had a meal planned the other night, and wound up not making it purely because I was outside too close to the time I needed to cook it. I don’t think all that running will change how the heat makes me feel, do you?


This has been going around, but if you’re like me, it’ll make you laugh no matter how many times you see it! My kids are not nearly as amused as I am, but I think this mom rocks! Her two best moments are “bring it” and the nod.

Have a great weekend!

3 thoughts on “Seven Quick Takes: Homeschool (Still), Stay- and Vacations, Movies, and Tornados

  1. HAHAHAHA! I watched that video yesterday. I was CRYING. I love your daughter’s descriptive paragraph. She definitely has a way with words! And may I confess that I’m a little jealous of your staycation? We’re not in a position right now to palm LB off on anyone. I’m glad Grammy is OK! Maybe you should send her one of these (I have one. It works well in a pinch.)


    • Oh!! I used to have one of those! Wonder if I still do, or if I should send it up there.

      The town is still on lockdown this morning, and I just noticed an email come in from my MIL, so I guess I’ll need to check that and be sure all is well.


      • I just “unburied” mine when I was putting away party stuff and cleaning out basement cabinets all at the same time. It’s great in a power-outage pinch (if you can get hot water from a pot on the grill or something). Or for camping, which I DO NOT DO.


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