Small Success Thursday: Beating the Sloth Edition

Welcome to Small Success Thursday, hosted by! This is a weekly opportunity to take a look at the week we’ve just finished and see what we’ve accomplished — even if it seems like it’s not a lot!


When I was a waitress, we used a term for when we were so busy that we could barely see beyond what was in front of us to do. We called it “being in the weeds.” Often, when I hit the weeds, I would feel like I couldn’t quite keep up with what was going on in my station, that I couldn’t quite be organized enough to do it all, and I’d have to beg for help from other servers who were equally busy. It’s a stressful kind of shift when you get in the weeds, and there were shifts that felt like I’d never get out again — when I’d run from start to finish, and only have time to stop and think when the shift was over.

I hated being in the weeds, and when I’m really stressed out, I still have waitressing nightmares where I’m not familiar with the menu, the computer system, how to clock in, or anything else required to get people their food and drinks. In my dream, I’m perpetually in the weeds.

Have I mentioned that it’s been about 20 years since I waited a table?

My life has been feeling like I’m in the weeds lately. Sometimes I take on too much, and other times I know I’m just not using my time wisely. And as much as I want a break, I also fear that if I take one, I’ll just get further behind.

But this week, looking back, I can see the path we made in the weeds and can mark some progress!

First of all, we’ve whipped through a significant amount of work for World Lit since we found my 15 year-old’s missing book. Part of the success is that I’ve been able to stay focused on getting school done (i.e. not wasting too much time on the Twitters and stuff), and part of it is that I’ve helped my high schooler be able to read her material on her own and retain more of the pertinent information. We’re working today to wrap up another quarter’s work before she leaves for a week’s vacation with her grandparents tomorrow. We’re also on the cusp of finishing her science course for the year, plus another quarter of her World History course.

I’ve also managed to get her sister through a good amount of work, including doing a short research paper on the Giant Panda for science. She and I have gone through 2 history chapters in the last week-and-a-half, and she has committed to finishing her science book over the Summer so she can do her ninth grade science work a year ahead (thereby making her ninth grade year less stressful). I’m pleased, too, that she’s gotten into The Sword and the Stone, which she resisted a bit when I suggested it. (Therefore, I required it. Teacher’s prerogative!)

So homeschool has been a definite WIN this week!

I’ve also managed to keep running! This morning, the girls and I went for a run together, and we did the Couch to 5K plan: Week 2, Day 3. I’ve been keeping track both on Couch to 5K and Nike+ (partly because I want to track my running in Nike+, but need the coaching for when to run or walk from C25K).


I have already started to notice a difference. Last weekend, we went for a walk at a park that is a converted golf course. We’d been there once before, when I felt out of breath and lousy after walking about 10 minutes. This time, I did this:


Yeah, baby! That’s right, I walked all that way, all that time, and wasn’t winded! In fact, I talked to Nathan almost the entire time we were walking, and it didn’t bother me!

That, my friends, is not a small success for me, but a big one. I may even wind up enjoying running at some point.

My final success for this week involves my Dominican life. Last weekend, there was a retreat given by a student brother who spoke on the virtues of charity, humility, and obedience. I haven’t been to our main chapter since we started our little mission chapter in town, but I got up in time to live our parish at 6:15 am and make the drive to Charlottesville. Even though it was early, I still love my Dominican brothers and sisters, and it was good to be with the larger community again. I might even make the trip again in July, since the large-group formation next month involves another student brother and two of the Nashville Dominican Sisters of Saint Cecilia.


So, for me, this has been the week of Kicking the Sloth’s Butt! How about you? What are your Small Successes this week? Share below, or leave a link to your blog piece at so we can all congratulate each other!

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