The Great Writing Process Blog Tour!

Barb tagged me to take part in the Writing Process Blog Tour, and I agreed to participate. I did not, however, succeed in finding people to tag to further the tour! If you’re interested, I’ll edit this post to tag the first three people who’d like to take part. (And I’ll email you instructions, too.)

Here we go!


• What am I working on?

Aside from working on blogging more consistently, I have a project on the Rosary that I am supposed to be working on. I put it down nearly a year ago when I hit a very rough patch and felt like it was all I could do to just get up and be me every day, let alone work on writing a book for the Blessed Mother. But lately, the book has been calling to me, reminding me that I had promised to finish it in the Year of Faith. Not only that, but I even have been thinking of revisions to make on what I’ve written so far.


I’m confident that I can get back to it and finish it.

• How does my work differ from others of its genre?

My blog probably differs from others because it’s just so inconsistent.

Day after day…inconsistent.

Night after night…inconsistent.

(My husband will get that, and maybe about four other people who read this blog.)

Anyway, aside from that, I try to insert some Dominican flare into my writing. Lately, I’ve tried to do more spiritual writing than when I first started blogging, especially when compared to my old Catholic Soccer Mom blog (which started out as the GOP Soccer Mom, in reaction to the media insisting mothers like me loved Bill Clinton).

My hope is that I can combine posts about our family life – including homeschooling – with our faith life – including explanations of the faith or discussions of it. I see my blog as a part of my apostolate as a Lay Dominican now, which gives me reason to think carefully about how I write and about what I write.

• Why do I write what I do?

Oh, how this has changed over the years! I started out writing a blog because I wanted to be famous and write about politics. When Elizabeth Scalia got linked to on National Review Online – way back when no one knew her actual name – I aimed to get noticed, too!

These days, though, I see this blog as a way to express my faith, brag about my family, and reach out to the world, as small as my share might be. Again, I’ve started to see this as a personal apostolate as a Dominican, and this means that I’ll talk about faith in all areas of life. The politics are just frustrating these days, and I no longer dream of being picked up for an article on National Review as much as I dream of writing for Patheos or National Catholic Register. But even if that never happens, and all I do is reach a few people with the beauty of the Catholic Faith, then I’ve done my job.

• How does your writing process work?

For this blog, as well as when I write at, I tend to think about my subject a lot, phrasing things in my head, going over it again and again mentally, then I sit down and start banging on my keyboard until it all comes out of my brain and spills onto the computer screen. I’ll go back and re-read things, trying to tighten up language or edit down unnecessary sentences, and then I sometimes let my 15 year-old read things over. She tends to offer good insights on whether or not I’m clear about something, and I can always use someone else to look over what I’ve done to catch my mistakes.

For my book, I started out meditating on the Rosary privately, and the meditations gradually grew. I had the inspiration to write the book, and then each time I said a Rosary I would pray that the Blessed Mother would reveal to me what message there was in that mystery. Those were some pretty fruitful Rosaries, let me tell you! I would often pray in the car, then when we got home, I’d start scribbling notes on the meditations. I had a pretty lengthy outline (with a lot more than outline to it), which I asked my pastor to read, just to be sure I wasn’t saying anything heretical. You know, inadvertently so.

Again, I put it away nearly a year ago, but I think I’m ready to pick it up again and get it done. I’ve been thinking about it, and there are some definite modifications I need to make. I’ll be praying a lot about the project as I move on with it.

A couple of notes:

I’ll be setting up a Facebook page for my blog, as well as adding a “contact me” email link here.

So that’s it! I feel badly that I didn’t get anyone to be able to tag on this, but if you’re interested, leave me a comment (and I think you’ll have to use your email to do so), and I’ll email you instructions on how to proceed. If you want to participate, you’ll have a post up next Monday.

3 thoughts on “The Great Writing Process Blog Tour!

  1. WTG! Thanks for participating! I know exactly what you mean when you say that even if only a handful of people are touched or helped by what you write, then it’s worth it. I feel that way as well, especially with the recipe side of my writing.


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