Small Success Thursday: Lost and Found, Garden Jungles, and Pretty Running Shoes

Welcome back to Small Success Thursday, hosted by! Let’s all take this opportunity to step back and reflect on what made this week good!


I’ve had a couple of weeks’ worth of slow-down, and the slow time of year is nearly over. We’ve been doing a lot of homeschool work, since we took breaks in September, February, March, and May (plus Holy Day breaks for Christmas and Easter). We’ll probably be working through the Summer, even if it means taking work to the pool and doing some stuff between swimming, or working in the waiting room of the dance studio. So far, things have been going well for us this Summer, but the one thing we got stuck on was my 15 year old’s Honors World Literature class. We were going gangbusters on it, knocking out reading assignments, getting close to finishing another quarter, when we couldn’t find her book ANYWHERE! For nearly 2 full weeks, we looked high and low, in the house, in the car … we even went back to Panera, where we’d eaten lunch on a Homeschool While Running Errands Day, and asked if it was found. (I trusted that no one would be stealing a Catholic World Lit textbook.)


Yesterday, I was cleaning up cat poo in our guest room (ick), and I looked at the trundle bed. I could swear I remembered her going in there to read in the quiet, and so I looked behind the bed, then between the bed and another wall, then … between the mattress and the bedframe!! We’ve picked up where we left off, and I’m hoping to make some serious progress in the next week!

I can’t believe how fast the garden is growing suddenly! Literally overnight, I’ll see big changes in the sizes of some of my plants, as well as the numbers of leaves. For example, my zucchini plants looked like this one day:


… and within two days, they looked like this (and got some friends, too!):


And the cucumber plants have taken off, sending out their little arms to grab the trellises, and getting some really beautiful flowers, too!



And the tomatoes! Holy cow!!


Not to mention this one that just came up on its own next to the bush beans:


I’m still praying that everything continues to go well, though. You never know when things might go wrong, and when you’re as inexperienced as we are, you don’t always know what to do about it. But everything looks better than it did at this point last year, so I’m pretty hopeful!

I started running. I really don’t like to exercise, and couch potato is one of my favorite activities, but I know I need to move more to help get back to a healthy weight, and I started thinking about what it was like to run when I was a kid.

I was never a fast runner, so I didn’t like running in gym class, but I remembered what it was like to run on the playground, or to run through my back yard when I was a little girl … the way I felt like I could spread my arms out and take off flying, it felt so good. I thought a lot about that, and I kind of miss that feeling where you just run across a field for fun and you don’t feel like you’ll have heart failure from the exertion.

So I started running.

I pulled up Couch to 5K on my iPhone, and have been tracking things in my Nike+ app, as well. After running once in my old sneakers (which were due to be replaced, and I knew it beforehand!) and giving myself shin splits that hurt for days, we went to Fleet Feet so I could be fitted with running shoes that work against the negatives in my stride and the way I run. They are SOOO pretty! The colors remind me of my entire wardrobe in the 1980’s, and they make me happy to look at them.


Plus, after I ran in them, my knees didn’t hurt, my shins didn’t hurt, my hips didn’t hurt, and my legs were less sore!

As of this morning, I’ve run a week’s worth of workouts (three 30-minute run/walk sessions), plus walked 2 miles yesterday after dinner. I’ve already done more in June than in all of May! I’m determined to get to the point where I can run and it feels good again. I’d like to be able to play soccer with my daughter or run a 5K with my husband.


So, now it’s your turn! Let me know what you’ve been up to this week, and don’t forget to cheer on the other Small Success writers!

4 thoughts on “Small Success Thursday: Lost and Found, Garden Jungles, and Pretty Running Shoes

  1. Those are cute shoes! I need to get exercising more. I’ve been slacking off SOOOOOO much. Maybe after dinner I’ll get in a walk 🙂


  2. Loved seeing your garden pictures! We just got our garden out for the first time and I’m a novice at this (Hubby has gardened in the past, before we knew each other). I can’t wait to see things growing!! Good luck on the running. I need to do some exercising myself at some point.


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